• lundi 15 août 2022

    Storm weavers

    Hi boys! I would like to share with you a gamebook I discovered some weeks ago. Storm Weavers from Pawel Dziemski. I was attracted by the new concept introduced in this book by the game designer, an hybrid between gamebook and tabletop game.

    This gamebook was founded by kickstarter (Link). The book is supplyed in a box with : several tiles (total 9), cardboard models (total 32), game aids, dice and some other goodies depending the level of contribution of the backers. Available in UK and FR language.

    The adventure is setup in an alternate version of our world during the Dark Age era. Mixed with fantasy elements from Nordic and Celtic legends. Magic and classic Fantasy bestiary : Orcs, Gobs, Beastmen, Werewolf, Trolls, Harpies, Cultists, etc...

    Combat mecanics work well by rolling dice, nothing new. The main new thing in this book is the way to manage the combats with several opponents. Indeed, when you have to face to multi enemies (versus single opponent, nothing change compare to standard gamebook), you have to set up the Dwarven hero and his opponents on differents battle maps. The book describ the deployement and how the enemies interact during the battle. 

    Regarding the adventure,  I finished the game in 8 hours with several try-out. Rating 7/10. The story is good but if I compare it to the "Sorcery" serie from Steve Jackson. It's a bit easyer. The big plus is the tactical dimension and when you have a decent miniatures collection, you have very good reason to bring them out of the display case and play with!

    On kickstarter info chapter, writter indicate he work on a new book...

    Cardboard models

    Battle maps

    Game aids

    Play with miniatures

    Againts Beastmen!

    Or against Gobbos!

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    1. We agree that with the oldhammer miniatures the game has a completely different appeal; honestly, the style too with which the silhouettes are drawn seems too modern, cartoonish compared to the classic style we are used to ....
      As we said in relation to Heroquest, we have never been great players, but we are intrigued by the squared battle maps. In "Storm Weavers" do you simply advance on the map a number of squares equal to the result of a roll of the dice? Are there any obstacles (stones? pillars?) or terrain on which progress is slowed down?

      1. You have a fix value for movement, river reduce your movement and you can't cross squares with obstacles (pillar, holes, etc...) or miniatures. It's light rules, only 3 pages to read fto cover all the rules. Thank you for comment.