• dimanche 14 août 2022

    Heroquest ! Treasures room

    Hello gents! The Sundayquest cycle come to an end  and to celebrate this event I prepared a treasures room worthy of its name for the final adventure (2 scenarios). 

    The background is about an old Dwarf realm fallen into the hands of the green skins. The king's familly owner of the realm live in the shame since this tragedy. Only the familly son survived and become a slayer, seeking a glorious death in the tunnels of his old realm. 

    The heroes will come across this fella at the end of the first scenario during a fight vs Manticore. After the struggle (we suppose they'll win), the slayer will join the group for the second an last scenario. The goal is to wandering and finish by the treasures room... Defended by... a Blue Dragon! Epic story :)

    The room : I mainly used carboard to build the structure of the room,  ground come from Dungeon floor plan box and walls are printed on paper sheets and come from a sample found on the web. For the treasure piles, I used this youtube tutorial (Link). Regarding the glitters, to avoid a flat coat of gold coins, I'm looking on the web to find a shop which providing several tones of gold (Link). Last advise for gemstones, I chased on ebay this item, several sizes and tones (Link)

    The treasure keeper :
    I had an old crush for this piece from Ral Partha / Citadel catalog (DG3). I met this model for the first time in the Herault Citadel French Magazine, picture from magazine reader. Thank you Jérôme Arquille :) It's not the taller Dragon from the Citadelle Range but I have an indescriptable attraction to this model. Could be the posture, it seems on top of the treasure pile.

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    1. Ending with a bang for your family's heroes! You didn't really spare yourself to make them love this game. Are the piles of gold attached to the floor of the room or are they reusable individually?
      We like the blue dragon, which also makes a nice chromatic effect with the gold it protects: after all Tom Meier is a master in sculpting dragons.
      Let us know if the heroes managed to redeem the honour of the dwarves and become rich (btw obtaining a set of bags and belts in pure blue dragon skin 😁)

    2. Hey Rodor, thank you for comment. Actually, piles are attached to the floor but if "really" needed I can remove them... meaning destroy the room.
      If the heroes complete their mission, to celebrate it
      , I have a small vignette in mind to paint 😀😀

    3. Great looking Dragon board with my favourite dragon

    4. wow, that is beautiful.
      i started late in the hobby but going back and finding the older miniatures, i'm starting to appreciate the older stuff more and more. now i want to find me a dragon like that one.
      awesome work!

      1. Dragon still available from Ral Partha Legacy

      2. Welcome Mr Martin and thank you for comment