• dimanche 19 juillet 2020

    World Edges Campaign : Battle report 3

    Hey! Last part of the campaign, after several months of waiting we played this battle at home last week end with my brother. For those who never heard anything about this campaign check this link.
    This scenario is largely inspired by the battle of the Est gate of Karak of 8 pics, this kind of scenario require a lot of large terrains (or lot of imagination) and I suppose it's the main reason of why It so difficult to find some Blog reports of this battle on the web... And might because it's a very old scenario as well.

    Introduction :
    In few words, today the aim of the Dwarf army is tho reach the Stronghold before the main force of O&G army caught them. The 1st Dwarf contingent is going to be helped by a 2nd contingent wich going to arrive at random turn and by a random edge of the battle field. Through the Victory of the scenario "Beachhead" the 2nd Dwarf contingent will arrive 1 turn earlyer.

    O&G start the battle with a small force to keep the gate and a large force at the back the stunties. They going to be helped by two flank forces. and they are going to arrive at random turn and by a random edge. Through the Victory of the scenario "Where's the baggage?" O&G have an additionnal 500pts to build their army. (O&G 6000pts vs Dwarves 5500pts)

    Orc and Goblin Army :
    All these superbe fellas was painted by my brother. His O&G collection is pretty impressive, I'm rather jealous :)
    Gate Defenders
    Pursuer Force
    Flank Force A
    Flank Force B

    Dwarf Army :
    Here is my whole army of Dwaves, I added new troops from different races over the years : Human, Ogres, Gnomes and Half Giant. The landsknecht style in the red thread of the collection/army.

    1st Dwarf Contingent
    2nd Dwarf Contingent

     Battle report :

    Movement Phase :  Dwarves advance is slowed down by the Gate Force and the Flankers A composed by Giant. Some Dwarves stayed in the middle of the Battle field to stop the pursuers. These splited the force in two parts which going to generate a huge clash with the 2nd Contingent of the Dwarf Army.
    Dwarves front liners
    Dwarves in front of the Stronghold & the arriving of the 2nd Dwarf Contingent
    Fearsome Savage Orcs Boar Riders

    Shooting Phase : The Organ Gun is still one of the most power full war machine of the dwarves and again did a lot of damages. O&G War Machines weren't really efficicent during the battle, only the Bolt throwers on the Giant made some damages.
    Nice Trolls!
    O&G Flankers in action!
    Let the slaughter begin!

    Combat Phase : The most Epic moment of the battle is the tremendous charge of the Savages Orcs Boar Riders. These fellas made a slaughter in the 2nd Contingent ranks. They smashed up the Ogres then the Reiksguards and the Halbardiers (...) In front of the Stronghold the Dwarves Units won lots of fights but not fast enought. Other Dwarves in the middle of the battle fielf were swept away by the Trolls.
    Other Epic moment, the Shaman Orc Slain by a Dwarf Hero
    Run to the Stronghold!
    Another trophy for the savages Orcs, who's next?

    Magic Phase : Magic winds were pretty calm during the battle in addition of the fact that I get 2 Magic Drain. Beside my severals AntiMagic Runes. This phase wasn't revelent for GreenSkins Shaman.
    Nice Night Gobbos!
    The OrganGun surounded by his fans
    Last combat at the gate!

    Conclusion :
    We didn't calculate the Victory points, it's not necessary. I lost this battle and the Campaign as well... My dwarf name is now cover by an eternal shame and I'm going to join the nearest Troll Slayers warband :)
    The key point of the battle is the mighty charge of the Savage Orcs Boar Riders... At the end of the 3rd Turn they slauthered Almost All the second Contingent. It seriously decrease my options. At the right place, right moment and with several nice dice Rolling "et voilà"! 
    However and indespite the fact I lost the Campaign, it were fantastic gaming moments. Great scenarios, painted models and terrains. Top-notch oldshool wargaming!


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    1. Ouiiiii les barbus ont été tondus !!!!
      En voilà une belle bataille !! De belles figs, de beaux décors, une belle campagne... et les nains perdent à la fin !!
      Un régal !
      Les O&G de ton frères sont vraiment canon ! Beaucoup de variété et de caractère. Quant à toi bravo pour avoir tenu le thème renaissance/lanskenet sur toute l'armée, tes orgres, tes chevaliers mercenaires... c'est un régal pour les yeux. Bravo à vous deux !

      Donc en Belgique tu seras roux et en slip ? Je me régale déjà !!

      1. Je préfère le terme Blond Venitien :)

        Merci pour lui ça lui fera très plaisirs de lire ces commentaires.

        Encore merci Laurent :)

    2. You just keep raising the bar higher and higher Nico. Gaming doesn't get much better than this.

      Well done!

      1. Thank you very much, It's fantastic to play this kind of games like this and I appreciate to share it with other gamers.

    3. Great report, great campaign, Nico. Very inspiring!

      1. Thank you Maurice... It's a very nice way to play, I admit :)

    4. Fantastic assortment of beautifully painted figures!


      1. Thank you Christopher.
        I agree with you, all those models deserve to be pictured and shared on the web :)

    5. You're armies look superb as does your scenery!
      Very inspiring report & photos.
      I wish I hadn't sold mine now...
      Best wishes,

      1. Hi Jeremy !! I hope It give you all the mojo needed to sold yours :) thank for comment :)

    6. Deux magnifiques armées, bravo ! Les nains auront-ils l'opportunité de prendre leur revanche 🙂 ?

      1. Je doute car malheureusement pour eux j'en ai marre de les jouer :) On va passer à un autre style de jeu pour varier un peu les plaisirs. A+ Nico

    7. Bravo Nico ! Superbes armées et un super scénario que j'ai joué il y a fort longtemps mais qui est génial !

      1. Merci à toi mon chère Nikko :) Je confirme, bon scenario :)

    8. Quelle bataille, surtout en terme de figurines d'anthologie peintes de main de maître, exceptionnel.
      Le géant de bataille des gobs est impressionnant c'est rare de le voir sur une table de jeux. Encore une fois merci Nico et à ton frère aussi de partager tout ça.

      1. Merci Julien :) On est tres heureux de partager ces moments avec ceux qui les apprecient comme il se doit :) A bientot.