• mercredi 11 septembre 2013

    Tutorial : How make your own banner?

    Banners have a strong impact on the gaming table, it's probably the first thing that your opponent see !!
    Today, I describe my own technic to make my own banners... No need specific material, just a sheet of paper and hobby Tools.

    I choose to draw my banners but I know it's difficult for a lot of gamers to obtain a satifaisant result in this way... To help you,  use  black&white copy banners from WHFB Armies (or other books), sometimes I use them ;)

    Materials : Sheet of paper, paper pen, fine black ink pen, old teeth brush, cutter, wire, putty, paints & brush.

    1- To have a general idea of shape and proportions, use your model when you draw on your sheet.
    2- Draw your banner with paper pen.
    3- Paint the bottom of the banner with diluted colors.
    4- Wash with different colors. At the edges of the banner use dark wash.

    5- Take your teeth brush.
    6- Splash your banner with wash colors (or diluted colors).

    7- Color your banner with paints.
    8- Use your fine brush to lining, and use ink pen to represent the rot, make lines of points.
    9- Cut the banner.
    10- Paint the edges of banner in black.
    11- Paint the back to rigidify paper.
    12- Shape the pole with wire, than cover with putty.
    13- Paint the pole and stick your banner. Add small stuffs to decorate the banner (Shields, trophies, chains, etc).
    Now my Chaos Dwarfs are ready for the next battle.
    I hope you enjoy this tutorial !!
    Bye Nico.

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    1. Thank you for the insights Nico, you make it look like so easy.

    2. Very nice!
      I remember reading old Heavy Metal segments where they mentioned making banners and flags from metal tomato paste tubes.
      I never tried that but I saw a vid by a guy (GeneralSplatton on Youtube) who uses clear plastic from blister packaging. He used a small heat source... like a needle heated over a candle... to work in small holes and tears. He'd also shape in some undulations, again using a candle.
      Give it a spray of plastic primer and paint it up.

    3. Thank you, great blog post.
      Love the banner.

    4. Thanks Nico,

      Your painting method is most helpful.


    5. Great article Nico! I have previously used the tomato puree method, but I shall have a go at a paper banner for my Brets and Undead!


    6. Great tutorial Nico, thanks for posting.

    7. Thanks you all for comments, yes I remember the famous tomato tube :) Never try but it look like more difficult to use.

      Bye Nico

    8. Thanks for the tuto !
      I'm using paper banner on most of my bretonnian units, but the look more new than yours. But as I want to make an oldschool evil army in a near future, I think it will help !

    9. Merci Nico

      I'm using this method next time I can, The tomato purée i snot that hard, the tricky thing is design and painting just like for a paper one, your weathering methods look really great and will come in handy in very little time.


    10. Wow. impressive results! Really great!

    11. Wow! I'm scared at the thought of having to create banners for my wood elves. This article has given me inspiration! Thankyou!

    12. Great tutorial Nico - it actually looks much less complicated and threatening than I thought, and the final result is striking!

    13. Great tutorial. Similar to how I did banners, but with more talent.

    14. I'll be putting this to use for sure though I doubt somehow to such stunning effect.
      Thanks once again for your hard work,

    15. Hi 24C !
      You will be surprised how it's easy to make a nice banner with this tutorial !!
      Bye Nico

    16. Nice tutorial!
      If its so hard for u as for me, actually, try to use RonyaSoft Poster Designer software, easy and simple

    17. Thank you ;) In fact, it's a real pleasur for me to paint my own banners :)

    18. Thanks Nico, I totally need this article today! :)

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