• samedi 18 mai 2019

    Space Hulk : 3D terrain, the making of !

    Star Destroyer Greebled in 1977
    Hi! Today some words about how I make my SH 3D terrain. Since I play to Space Hulk, I always imaginated the walls around the tiles. This project is the way for me to share my vision of the Space Hulk corridors.

    The general concept is the saturation of details. To achieved this I applied the greeble technic. A greeble is a fine detailing added to the surface of a larger object that makes it appear more complex, and therefore more visually interesting. Technic directly inherited by the Star Wars saga and his hightly detailled Starship hull.
    5 foot Millenium F. Greebled or Kitbashed, as you wish!

    I created this Space Hulk map to use it as the Heroquest board. A large board but partially used depending on the scenario/mission. To achieved this, I built some small modular sceneries to obstruct corridors or rooms.
    This terrain is devided in small blocks with a width of 30cm. By this way these blocks are easily manipulable. Particulary useful during the greebling and the painting phase.

    Some numbers to quantify the labor :) 170 hours of works during 8 weeks.
    - Creating of the map : 8 hours
    - Building the walls and the roofs : 37 hours
    - Greebling : 50 hours
    - Painting : 75 hours

    Pictured Making of :

    Small modular sceneries to obstruct corridors or rooms and scenario sceneries
    Greebles :
    Booty Greebler!

    Less then 1€ in discount Shop (Action shop)

    Recycled pipes

    Recycled parts from automobile industry

    Recycled things from the office

    The famous card calendar

    PVC corners (a=10mm b=10mm c=1mm

    I bought différents sizes : 6mm, 9mm and 16mm

    lundi 13 mai 2019

    French Old School Wargamers Meeting 2019 : Oldhammer Day 2019 at Metz

     Hi ! Here the report of our annual meeting in my home town Metz. As usual, hosted by my club Blitz57 during a large wargame convention : Les Arènes du Graoully. This year,  15 Gentelmen presented and/or participated  to numerous games systemes like : Mighty Empire, WFB 3rd Ed, Space Hulk, Necromunda, Titan Legion and Gaslands

    Mighty Empire / WFB : Empire in Flams Campaign
    Background. I played this campaign as Game Master (GM) with 6 players. During 2 days we played 9 games. This was the opportunity for me to developed my GM style and show them how I run a campaign. So we, had a lot of good time and the Empire map was the theatre of great battles and great gaming moments. The Defenders of the Empire pushed back the incursion of the Chaos lords Alliance. The borders mountains are now infested by corrupted creature... Until the next season of campaign !

    Initial situation

    In game pictures

    Defenders of the Empire
    Roland : Elf Lord

    Matthieu (Patatovitch) : Empire Lord

    Mika : Dwarf Lord

    Chaos Alliance
    Julien and David : Two headed Orc Lord

    Nikko : Fimir Lord

    Olivier : Chaos Lord

    Situation at the end

    Nico : Happy Game Master

    Space Hulk : Nexus Campaign
    Background It was a great moment for me to play this series of games on my brand new 3D terrain, lot of nice comments and lot of people come to me to chat about the project and said how Space Hulk is a great game. The campaign is unfinished and continu, need more models for a magistral End. The Perseus  havent revealed all his corrupted secrets...

    I applayed Photoshop filter on this picture. Focussed players Filter (^_^)

    Emperor Scythes and UltraMarines Terminators Chapters were requisitioned to clean The Perseus

    In game pictures 

    Necromunda :
    This awesome gaming table is the labor of JB and Adrien. They will developpe the scenario and add more pictures on their Blogs (soon). Some pictures to appreciate the thing., it's marvellous :)

    Less Oldschool than the other games but I added a touch of 80's to the models largely inspired by The Road Warrior : Mad Max 2. More détails here. Gaslands is a real great game because you can play easily with few toys cars, cheap and easy to learn.

    The highway is our Battlefield

    Epic Titan Legion
    As the Necromunda table, more pictures coming sonn on the JB  Blog. One picture to illustrate his battle with Charles. I love the flavor of the 6mm gaming table. 
    Conclusion :
    A great Meeting, the quality of the models/armies/tables/scenarios  is better years after years... I'm looking forward the next meeting. Thank you to all the Gentlemen present during this Oldhammer day ! Cheers :)