• dimanche 5 septembre 2021

    Close-up! Shooting session.

    Hey folks! Today I will show my way to shoot miniature models. My technic is greatly inspired by old Joe Dever's White Dwarf articles : Magic Frame (#67&68) and Double exposure (#77).

    Actually, the aim is the integration of the model in the backdrop and the main trick to succeed is to insert some elements to hide and/or merge the model's base(s) to the landscape. Below some pictures for a better understanding of the concept, hope it going to be usefull. See you!

    Several models with small base.

    These models are set up in an "mother base" in order to hide the black edge of the individual base. This assembly is integrate to the backdrop by using a connector element stand on the backdrop and painted in the same way of the model's bases.

    Final result

    Raw picture before cropping

    Overall set-up

    Single model with large base.

    The difference in this case is the using of element also painted as the model's base but set-up on the fore ground to hide the large base of the Dreadnought.

    Final result

    Raw picture before cropping

    Overall set-up

    Extra stuff!

    Nice collection of "Mother bases"

    Some backdrops

    mardi 17 août 2021

    World Eaters : Icons & Symbols - Final part

    Hi everyone! After two weeks off (well deserved), I'm back and I would like to share here the second and last part relative to the icons of the Legion. In the previous article we talked about the greenstuff  modelizing and  today we gonna naturaly tackle the painting. 

    Lesser characters :

    These Sergeants are honored by the classic WE Icon which one represent a bestial jaw with a planet between is fangs. I selected those renegades due to their horns, it's visually a great link between the models and the icon, it help to give a one piece effect. I also added some chains to increase the volume of the artefact.

    Greater Characters :
    The Chaplain was rewarded by a gigantic collar of Khorne might be owned in his previous life by an eminent servant of Khorne. The Capitain and the Lieutenant are protected by ancestral icons. Also a new comer ... The Librarian. Long ago, World Eaters Librarian lost many of their recording duties as scribes and all their psychic abilities. They now serve only as tally-keppers recording the numbers of slain in Khorne's name by individal and squads. The old book of this Librarian is now sealed by a powerful Skull runes
    Librarian, Lieutenant and Capitain 
    The Chaplain is supported by lesser Daemons

    The lieutenant Commander of the Legion mounted on Juggernaut is protected by colossal Khorne symbol, sign of gratitude from the Skull God for a long service for him. Additionaly the commander is flanked by the Icon bearer of the Legion, a living testimony of thousand slaugthers and synonymous of ruins.

    Lieutenant Commander and Icon Legion bearer

    Massive Characters :
    The Daemon Prince was also rewarded by a colossal symbol of Khorne in his mortal life and now he ostentatiously bear it, everywhere he's summoned. And to finish, the Dreadnought is blessed by his patron with a demonic Icon which one he insolently display to haunt his foes during the battle.

    Daemon Prince and Dreadnought

    Back sides :
    From Ian Miller
    Most of the symbols back sides are inbeded by a warped corail. Not sure about the origine of this "corail" but it looks like a pure Chaos material caracterized by a permanent changing form, fearsome screaming and disgusting smelling. Only exception is the Dreadnought icon, glorified  by a living red demon captive inside the symbol.

    Ian miller Icon from Roberth Breseus - Pantheon of Chaos KS

    dimanche 1 août 2021

    World Eaters : Legion icons & Symbols

    Hey folks! Hope everything work well on your side ? By there, almost anything is under control :) Ok let's  talk about hobby things, last part regarding the WE topic, Icons & Symbols. Yep, no banner... Defenetly at the opposite of my orginal idea at the begining of the project. Indeed, I usualy manage this part by paper banners and some touch of Greenstuff but I admit a lack of inspiration despite lot of sketchs I never found the trigger needed to unleach the creativity. This is the reason why I took so much time to wrote a new post on the blog.

    To find the mojo, I came back to the source and I took the time to read Realm of Chaos - Slave to Darkness, again and again... Inspiration came out and I started to modelize some famous illustrations of the book. The backside of the symbols were also treated seriously :)  All those icons will equip the Characters of the Legion. See you for the next step, the last one... 

    Ian Miller illustration
    Ian Miller illustration
    Ian Miller illustration
    Stephen Tappin illustration
    Personnal creations : Eyes banner, Gigantic collar of Khorne and Legion Icon,

    jeudi 10 juin 2021

    World Eaters : Champion mounted on Juggernaut

    Hey everyone! Last important piece of the legion, the mounted Juggernaut. and his owner. I postponed the carry-out of this fella for several months, a bit afraid by the task to achieve to reach the target concept I had in mind since the early moment of this project one year ago. The overall outcome is quite good and I’m rather proud to share with you my own version of the Juggernaut of Khorne.

    I made the choice to redesign the whole model due to long list of minor defaults that miniature suffer. The mismatch between the description of the Juggernaut in the Slaves of Darkness book and the metal model release at this moment is huge.

    Actually, the miniature provided by Citadel was far from  my expectations at this period. It’s quite uncommon for the Company and also for Kev Adams for who I have a colossal respect but this model is definitely crappy… Size, posture of the front legs, armored concept, … almost everything. I assume that Kev A. had huge hang-over when he sculpted this Juggernaut, Ican't see anything else :)

    I challenged my self to make a kind of "Justice for the Jugg!" closest to one of the rare illustration in first RoC tome. By giving him a proper size for its massive and unstopable body, also by changing the posture of his front legs and bring-out a more natural posture.
     To finish, by enclosing him into a thick armored carapace engraved by several Skull runes.

    Size comparizon with a large Chaos Horse

    mardi 11 mai 2021

    World Eaters : Bloodthirster

    Hey! Today special post dedicated to the most iconic and dreaded servant of the skull god. Models from the original range are rather cool but I wanted to convert my own version with a 40k style. I based my Greater Demon  on a Bloodthirster body, the head come from the Epic Lord of Battle and the wings from the JG Manticore. I added my own touch with the bones armor and the chains. During the process, I removed the whip from the demon right hand but I never found the opportunity to replace it on the model, so that's why I started to imaginated the concept of "the living whip". 

    My Greatrer Demon was rewarded by the Blood God with this  creature which one is  nothing more or less than a demonic Khorne hound with a tail whip.  The Greater Demon keep under control his living whip  by his bronzes ring on the left hand. I built this singular model with an Epic Titan head, a collar of Khorne and a Chimera body.  

    I manage this demonic couple as a single miniature, the lesser Demon didn't exist in terms of models on gaming table. But a would be nice to creat a profil for the living whip :)

    samedi 24 avril 2021

    World Eaters : Blood Slaughterer of Khorne

    Hey! New Daemon Machine release from  the Chaos Squats forges, the famous Blood Slaughterer, also named the Doomed model sculpted by Dave Andrews with his left foot. Or more realisticly with his right hand but it's not more glorious... Ok truce of joke for sure you understood, I'm not a huge fan of the first incarnation of this chap and the minimum that I can do for him is to creat my own version. To achieve this task, I sorted out some old chunks of lead from my pile of shame.

    I built this model with a bunch of parts from the Epic range, mostly from the Titan arsenal designed and sculpted by JG. Rear tracks come from the Epic Lord of Battle and I designed the body by my self. The result is quite near to the original chaos wheeled machine pushed by tracks and a notch more agressive 

    vendredi 9 avril 2021

    World Eaters : Land Raider

    Hello everyone! Second and last article regarding heavy support for the legion. The 3D printing stroke again and still as efficiant in termes of overall rendering. The STL file used here was based on a resized Forges World Proteus Model him self based on the MK1 RT Land Raider model. The final product is far more detailed than what I expected and look pretty good. 

    The kit is composed by 70 parts, quite important for 3D printing. Unfortunatly during the printing process some parts was missing, so I made some green stuffs copies to complete the resine kit. I added some World Eaters icons on the side doors. The tracks supplied in the kit wasn't really sexy and I decided to produce my own serie, inspired by those smoother from the RT model.

    WD 140 back cover

    dimanche 14 mars 2021

    World Eaters : Predator Tank

    Hello!! RT vehicules are quite expensive on the second hand market that why I prefered switched to 3D resin market. This is a first try-out and to be honest I'm rather satisfied by the result (vs cost). Okay, some details are missing in comparison with the original model but I'm able to fix this issue with my own hobby skills :) 

    I'm not attract by the warpped Chaos vehicules concept (Spicky & Skully) and I prefer bet on a nice paintjob which highlight the colors of the chapter and some discreet World Eaters icons.