• lundi 2 janvier 2023

    Full Metal Planete

    Hey !! I hope you well celebrate the end of 2022 and I wish you a great gaming year for 2023. I start this new year with very old French game from 1988 : Full Metal Planete.

    This 2-4 players board game is set up on an hexa-map and supplied with metal miniatures. The background is fairly simple, in a far future each player represent a mining company on a planete full of ore. Players lead a detachment of vehicules and have to pick-up the maximum of ore in a certain time (21 to 25 turns)

    The map is splited un various types of terrain as Plain, Mounts, Swamps and Sea. Function of the tide, the map change and reveal a new geography every turn. The Variety of vehicules is a big plus as well, indeed, you can activate Tanks, Heavy tanks, Crabs, Meteo Stations, Barges and ships. Each vehicule have is own specificities.

    The gameplay is based on a reserve of 15 actions you have to spend each turns to move, transform ore, transfert, fight, etc... No dice are rolled in this game. For a game count 45min for 2 players and 120min for 4 players. Full Metal planete was also edited by A
    tari for Pc gaming in 1990.

    Regarding the painting job, I mostly used Autumnal colors that I highlighted with bone beige. Each vehicules have a cavity to host a colored gem in order to differanciate each mining compagny. I swapped the supplied gems by bigger gems I formed with greenstuff. Model are supposed to be stacked during the game, so I recommand to protect them with thick varnish. I used a glossy one that I recovered with mat varnish from PA range to breack the shiny fx except for the gems.

    To protect your models : Thick glossy varnish and mat varnish 

    Expansion for base game

    Ad from Old french wargame magazine 

    lundi 28 novembre 2022

    World Eaters : Champions and Daemons

    Hey! Huge announcement, with this batch of painted lads, it seems that I painted all the model I bough so far for this project (Leadpile = 0). I didn't said that the World Eaters army is complete, indeed, might be if I'm blessed by Khorne, I will be gifted with an Angron model in the next weeks but nothing comfirmed yet.

    Regarding my last works, you probably recognize the Chaos Champion drew by Mark Gibbons and re edited by GW for Warhammer+ subscribers. The model is super cool but totaly over sized compared to the old Terminators. Anyway this model have his place in the legion :) The second Champion is a conversion based on Khorne Champion, Epic warhound legs and Chaos terminator power glove. And to finish, a small unit of Bloodletters Bough to SATYR ART STUDIO (ecwid.com), sculpted by Drew Williams. Thanks to him for this super good idea, those models rocks!

    mercredi 19 octobre 2022

    World Eaters : Cauldron of Blood

    Hey! The legion is now supported by a new Daemon Engine from Armorcast 90's range. The Cauldron of Blood first appear in the Epic 40K and was re-sized few years after in 28mm scale . Unfortunately this attempt suffer of several disgracious sculpts... so, I tried to do my best to redesign this chunk of Chaos history.

    First thing first, I replaced the original wheels of the machine by tank tracks from standard toy. It provide a rougher style to the vehicule. Second step, I re sculpted the skulls on the sides and the front of the machine, this last one is directly inspired by the one from the Epic Skull Tower. And to finish, I added some details mainly with half pearl jewelry. 

    Armorcast original 28mm Cauldron of Blood
    Epic Scale Cauldron of Blood and Skulls Tower

    jeudi 1 septembre 2022

    Heroquest : End-of-cycle

    Hey, it's time for back to school! Not the funniest moment of the year but at least it can be associated by my gaming group to a glorious Heroquest moment.... Nothing else than an end-up of the 9 missions campaign.  

    Everything started with an genders balance in the group. Indeed I provided to my wife a female avatar for the sorcerer. This model is a fan made and can be find on ebay, thank to Dante who kindly sent me this beauty. Colors scheme is totaly inspired by the HQ version.

    The last mission is splited in 2 maps  representing a wide tunnels network infested by Green Skins. Quite standard mission exept that each one ended by a special encounter/room. Indeed, the first mission finish by the encounter with the Slayer Thorik in the middle of a fight with a Manticore (Khazad-Dûm echo!).

    The second  mission ended in the treasure room and the encounter with Balaur, the Blue Dragon (Smaug/Erebor echo!). After an Epic fight well managed by adventurers group,  Balaur perished by an arrow fired by the Elf. Thorik couldn't resit to behead the monster and it's  very good reason to paint my Citadel DS9 Dragon Slayer vignette, as reminder of this fantastic campaign. I admit the blood fx on the axe is a bit overkill :) 
    Anyhow cheers for the adventurers!

    In game picture

    Friday evening adventure!

    Encounter with Thorik

    Encounter with Balaur

    Balaur's death

    lundi 15 août 2022

    Storm weavers

    Hi boys! I would like to share with you a gamebook I discovered some weeks ago. Storm Weavers from Pawel Dziemski. I was attracted by the new concept introduced in this book by the game designer, an hybrid between gamebook and tabletop game.

    This gamebook was founded by kickstarter (Link). The book is supplyed in a box with : several tiles (total 9), cardboard models (total 32), game aids, dice and some other goodies depending the level of contribution of the backers. Available in UK and FR language.

    The adventure is setup in an alternate version of our world during the Dark Age era. Mixed with fantasy elements from Nordic and Celtic legends. Magic and classic Fantasy bestiary : Orcs, Gobs, Beastmen, Werewolf, Trolls, Harpies, Cultists, etc...

    Combat mecanics work well by rolling dice, nothing new. The main new thing in this book is the way to manage the combats with several opponents. Indeed, when you have to face to multi enemies (versus single opponent, nothing change compare to standard gamebook), you have to set up the Dwarven hero and his opponents on differents battle maps. The book describ the deployement and how the enemies interact during the battle. 

    Regarding the adventure,  I finished the game in 8 hours with several try-out. Rating 7/10. The story is good but if I compare it to the "Sorcery" serie from Steve Jackson. It's a bit easyer. The big plus is the tactical dimension and when you have a decent miniatures collection, you have very good reason to bring them out of the display case and play with!

    On kickstarter info chapter, writter indicate he work on a new book...

    Cardboard models

    Battle maps

    Game aids

    Play with miniatures

    Againts Beastmen!

    Or against Gobbos!

    dimanche 14 août 2022

    Heroquest ! Treasures room

    Hello gents! The Sundayquest cycle come to an end  and to celebrate this event I prepared a treasures room worthy of its name for the final adventure (2 scenarios). 

    The background is about an old Dwarf realm fallen into the hands of the green skins. The king's familly owner of the realm live in the shame since this tragedy. Only the familly son survived and become a slayer, seeking a glorious death in the tunnels of his old realm. 

    The heroes will come across this fella at the end of the first scenario during a fight vs Manticore. After the struggle (we suppose they'll win), the slayer will join the group for the second an last scenario. The goal is to wandering and finish by the treasures room... Defended by... a Blue Dragon! Epic story :)

    The room : I mainly used carboard to build the structure of the room,  ground come from Dungeon floor plan box and walls are printed on paper sheets and come from a sample found on the web. For the treasure piles, I used this youtube tutorial (Link). Regarding the glitters, to avoid a flat coat of gold coins, I'm looking on the web to find a shop which providing several tones of gold (Link). Last advise for gemstones, I chased on ebay this item, several sizes and tones (Link)

    The treasure keeper :
    I had an old crush for this piece from Ral Partha / Citadel catalog (DG3). I met this model for the first time in the Herault Citadel French Magazine, picture from magazine reader. Thank you Jérôme Arquille :) It's not the taller Dragon from the Citadelle Range but I have an indescriptable attraction to this model. Could be the posture, it seems on top of the treasure pile.