• mardi 24 octobre 2023

    Slaves to Darknes : Khorne Demonic Legion

    Hey! I was slightly brought by my previous works on the World Eater Legion to have fun to have collect and paint some demons units. So, I found a comfortable interest to starting to build a Demonic Legion dedicated to the Blood God, by adding few models to those already collected few months ago. 

    Based on the Slaves to Darkness army list book, I progressively built a standard size force which integrate mortal Champions and Chaos Creatures units. The short terms expectation is to deal with the dear Laurent's (aka Slaanesh child) and his and fearsome legion of perversion minions, in a mighty Realm of Chaos battle between our opposites Chaos legions. 

    The short model range of Chaos Demon of the 80's Catalog don't let to much choice to who want  to pull out of the game with a characterful horde of models. By chance, an inspired guy from the 80's had the talent to create some beauties which are still relevant to the eyes of many lovers of old lead. Steeve Mussared, does tht ring a bell or not? If not, this gentlemen kicked some ass in several White Dwarf Eavy Metal article with his awesome Khorne army. An invaluable source of inspiration for my own project, converted Khorne hound, bony chariot, on-leach hound, ...

    My own contribution to this endless labor of chaos devotion is a personal adding for banner's bearers and colors variations for demonic troopers. In the next post I'll show you some Big guys from Knighmare miniatures range and also some small conversions 

    4 different skins shades

    Steeve Mussared beauties from White Dwarf

    vendredi 4 août 2023

    World Eaters : Possessed Marines

    Hey everyone! A quick post before leaving home for two weeks of vacations. I hesitated during a long time before working on a Possessed Marines unit. The concept is tricky, cause Marines half possessed by Daemons can easily look like and confused with spawns or highly rewarded Chaos Champion. But I finally accepted the challenge and did my best to carry out this band of 8 chaps. 

    My conception of Khorne Possessed Marines integrate Machines Daemons in addition with 'Standard Daemons', Meaning that the possessed body of the hoster can be progressively transformed into partial mechanical engine with specific technological body parts and / or Daemonic body parts. Khorne's works in mysterious ways!

    I used a big bunch of Khorne Champion from Jes Goodwin 80's serie and I coupled them with different elements from my bits box, those sessions of modeling still be my best moments in the hobby, more then painting I admit. 

    Still 2 Jes Champions to integrate in my World Eaters Legions 

    jeudi 15 juin 2023

    World Eaters : Spawns

    Hi guys ! Today another brick in the World Eaters wall that I started to build 3 years ago (Jeez!). To celebrate this event, my proposal is a colorful bunch of Chaos spawns. Those tragic Champions are inerrant to each Chaos legions or armies and it’s a Chaos duty to build at least one unit for every Chaos force. It’s not so easy to obtain creatures with unhealthy look and at the opposite, it’s easy to fall in the creation process of monsters barded of tentacle without characters.

    Tony Ackland minions

    Another Roc goodness

    Miniatures web market can bringe some good solutions ready to paint such as Knightmare Miniatures, Mierce Miniature, Citadel Miniatures and  kickstarters as well. For enthusiastic hobbyist it’s also a great moment to let the creativity take the control and explain your vision of the ‘Chaos’ in all his glory. The list of personal gift contained in RoC Slave to Darkness book is prodigiously helpful and definitely a very good source of inspiration for you models. 

    Citadel miniatures beauty!

    Some links for ready to paint spawns models :

    lundi 22 mai 2023

    World Eaters : Khornates Legionnaires part Three (final)

    Hi ! Here we are, 5 months of works to finish those 8 lads. Regarding the paint job, tThe big challenge was to manage the brass color(s) which cover Juggernaut’s bodies. Brass/Gold/Bronze are not so easy to paint and the final result can disappointing if using the wrong process. Oxidation as well, I applied two variants of oxidation colors : Greenish and blueish version. Mainly to provide a plurality in the color scheme and avoid redundancies. Might be to the detriment of the ‘standard’ Vert-de-gris color ton but it bring a bit of Daemonic fantasy in the whole unit . Riders are in regular WE colors in order to keep a link with the remaining part of the legion. Banners are in Green/Blue/Purple/pink tones to counter balance with the other colors of the model.

    Chaos Legionnaires Lore

    Legionnaires are mortals chosen, often at the point of the death, to serve their chaos god in a direct fashion. They are maintained by arcane magics in endless, undying glory. The ‘legendary heroes’ of Chaos, they fight and die in huge numbers , yet can rise from the dead in a single night , protected by their dark master’s awesome power. The once-mortal Legionnaires become arrogant, disdainful of other in the service of chaos. They start secure in the knowledge that they have been specially chosen end granted pleasures beyond their dreams. But as the centuries of death and rebirth stretch into millennia, doubts seep into the minds of the Legionnaires. Their existence is a purposeless one, doomed to death and subservience , the future merely another battle to be fought. The Chaos gods , however , do not care. The Legionnaires are trapped in a endless cycle of battle, death and rebirth, tied to their god and theirs empty pleasures.

    Legionnaires are well supported by Khorne's minions