• mercredi 10 juillet 2019

    Space Hulk : Genestealer Chaos Cult

    To enrich the Hybrids lists of the Nexus Campaign (missions here), I developed a Genestealer Chaos Cult list, Slaanesh Worship.
    I used the Advanced Space Hulk expended Blip set to substitute the Genestealer Blip set. By this way I extended the original list of Hybrids and I integrated progressively some new troops at every scenario to represent the progressive immersion into the Chaos corruption.

    To balance the games, the Space Marines Troops of the last scenario was swapped by three Grey Knight Terminators, one Librarian and one Inquisitor

    Additional troops to the Nexus Campaign Hybrids lists :
    Mission 1 : The Cryogenic area is kept  by a band of Brood Brothers and some Mind Slaves Gunners. All these unfortunate implanted Humans come from the crew of The Perseus or come from the ranks of the prisoners Slaves Workers.

    Mission 2  : The Docking Bay sector is under control of a 4th Geneneration Hybrid rewarded by Slaanesh with a Chaos Power Armor. He lead a warband of mutants composed by some Beastmen, a Mutant Bomb and a Large Ogryn Mutant.

    Mission 3  : The heart of The Perseus  is the adobe of the Patriarch  and the coven of the Genestealer Chaos Cult. This is the place of frequent dark rituals where summoned Slaanesh minions like Daemonettes, Fiends of Slaanesh and The Keeper of secrets.

    The whole Genestealer Chaos Cult :
    Brood Brothers, implanted prisoners from The Perseus Space Ship
    Mind Slaves, Gunners from the Crew of The Perseus
    Genestealer Hybrids
    Genestealer Aberrant and Ogryn Hybrid
    Beastmen from the Docking Bay sector
    Large Ogryn Mutant and Mutant Bomb
    Daemontettes and Fiend of Slaanesh ... But where is the Keeper of Secrets?
    Genestealer Magus, Patriarch and 4th Generation Hybrid
    with Chaos Power Armor as reward
    Arch Patriarch of the Genestealer Chaos Cult
    The patriarch and his court



    lundi 8 juillet 2019

    Space Hulk : Terminator models last part

    Hello! Some new Terminators to complet the collection. Three Grey Knights and an Inquisitor join the ranks of the Blood Angels Chapter.
    The Genestealer cult implanted in this Space Hulk seem to be corrupted by the Chaos. The marines player will be pretty happy to be helped by the Ordo Malleus for the last mission of the Nexus Campaign.
    I painted these Grey Kights models in the classic WD style. The Heraldry on the shields is inspired by the euro feodal era.

    I initialised a serie of gaming aids based on the lovely Citadel Combat Cards game. Today I show you these trackers to use as the "missions status display" of the last Space Hulk versions. Necessary to help the marines player to track his Command Points, numerous ammunitions and Psy Points. I created them for my Nexus campaign but you can used them for one shot games.

    lundi 10 juin 2019

    Space Hulk : Nexus Campaign

    Hi!! I planned to join the annual fest of the old lead at Nottingham (BOYL 2019), this year I bring my Space Hulk and my objective is to play all the week end with plenty of Gentlemen... Multiplayers SH games and the Nexus campaign as Scarlet thread during the week end.

    This campaign is very inspired by the "Last Stand campaign" from the White Dwarf 137.  Simple and effective linear campaign. The result of the first three missions influence the fourth (and last) mission. I adapted the different maps of the original campaign to my board, requiring some new sceneries.

    I ordered some resin terrains from the Scotia Grendel Sci fi range to creat a thematic for every mission. The cryogenic room, the control center, Cargo bay, etc... Not delivered yet!

    For the moment, I focused on the doors and the screens to hide the useless part of the board during the campaign. All these elements are created in calendar card board. The doors (hatch style) are realised with mdf round bases.

    In game picture with my daughter, playtest of the Nexus Camapaign

    Basic elements of Space Hulk games... The doors

    Screens and other stuff to run the campaign

    2 gaps between the 3 parts of the board. Ideal to positionning the screens 

    Original board

    Same place with the first screen

    Same place with a seconde screen

    Original board

    Same place with the third screen

    Behind the third screen

    The new elements before the black undercoat. Home made only !

    samedi 18 mai 2019

    Space Hulk : 3D terrain, the making of !

    Star Destroyer Greebled in 1977
    Hi! Today some words about how I make my SH 3D terrain. Since I play to Space Hulk, I always imaginated the walls around the tiles. This project is the way for me to share my vision of the Space Hulk corridors.

    The general concept is the saturation of details. To achieved this I applied the greeble technic. A greeble is a fine detailing added to the surface of a larger object that makes it appear more complex, and therefore more visually interesting. Technic directly inherited by the Star Wars saga and his hightly detailled Starship hull.
    5 foot Millenium F. Greebled or Kitbashed, as you wish!

    I created this Space Hulk map to use it as the Heroquest board. A large board but partially used depending on the scenario/mission. To achieved this, I built some small modular sceneries to obstruct corridors or rooms.
    This terrain is devided in small blocks with a width of 30cm. By this way these blocks are easily manipulable. Particulary useful during the greebling and the painting phase.

    Some numbers to quantify the labor :) 170 hours of works during 8 weeks.
    - Creating of the map : 8 hours
    - Building the walls and the roofs : 37 hours
    - Greebling : 50 hours
    - Painting : 75 hours

    Pictured Making of :

    Small modular sceneries to obstruct corridors or rooms and scenario sceneries
    Greebles :
    Booty Greebler!

    Less then 1€ in discount Shop (Action shop)

    Recycled pipes

    Recycled parts from automobile industry

    Recycled things from the office

    The famous card calendar

    PVC corners (a=10mm b=10mm c=1mm

    I bought différents sizes : 6mm, 9mm and 16mm