• dimanche 14 octobre 2018

    Rogue Trader : Battle at the Farm - Additionnal OrkTroops part 4

    Hi! I finally got my hand on these Gretchins! They arrived the day after my last post. So, now the question is : "Better to play 10 or 20 Gretchins?", I'm sure we have the same answer (^_^)


    dimanche 7 octobre 2018

    Rogue Trader : Battle at the Farm - Additionnal OrkTroops part 4

    Hi! The last unit for the Drop Legion... I hope it's enough to beat these stupid Space Marines? Impossible for me to build an Ork brigade without  Runtherd and his tiny followers. I slightly converted the Mekboy of the Hop Spalt Field Gun, the whip is sufficient to refer to the Runt
    Herd cast :)
    Concerning the Grots... I'm pretty disapointed by the French postal servive... I'm waiting since 3 weeks for a parcel with 11 RT Gretchins Inside. The parcel is stuck at the Roissy Airport, it smell the custom tax! So, I use WHFB Gobbos for the moment.
    Fortunatly, I keep the Mojo and I find the inspiration to create some new troops... The Fearsome Snot-Stick-Grenades, rules coming soon!
    Next step for the project... The battlefield and the famous ruined farm. I want to take my time, find some inspiration and technics to build a pertinent gaming board. So, I will switch with a new project for the next weeks... Pictures coming soon :)

    lundi 1 octobre 2018

    Rogue Trader : Battle at the Farm - Additionnal OrkTroops part 3

    Hello and happy Orktoberfest! This time to help the poor Orks of the Drop Legion to complete their mission, I painted  an heavy chunk of lead ... the funny RT Ork Dreadnought :)

    This Dread follow the the Red Nob and his Fokker Squadron  on every battlefieds. The gretchins Inside is considered as the mascot of the squadron ... Sort of good luck charm. To maintain him in life, he is flanked by a Painboy and a Mekboy (his creators).

    Classic RT Orks models used to make my own Painboy/Mekboy!

    jeudi 6 septembre 2018

    Rogue Trader : Battle at the Farm - Additionnal Ork Troops Part 2

    FURY! I upgraded an old WW1 German tank (Sturmpanzerwagen) concidered as the early panzer tank. A nice additionnal force for my growing Drop Legion army!

    I bought a 28mm 3D printed tank on eBay and my objective was to transform it in a tank "in campaign". Troopers packs of the compagny and weathering are my friends! So rivets and small sculpted stuff too :)

    mardi 21 août 2018

    Rogue Trader : Battle at the Farm - Additionnal OrkTroops part 1

    It's time to add some new troops to these poor Orks! Let me show you 3 Nobz of the Drop Legion, these posers come from a special unit named : The (Motha) Fokker Squadron! Leaded by a big fella nicknamed "The Red Nob" or sometimes "Manfrag Uruk Richthofen".
    Ok so, you probably recoganized some of the best Ork sculpted by Kev Adams during the RT era. Bulky and full of nice details, they are very cool to paint. I continu to use some WW1 references to paint my Orks, here I use the Legendary Red Baron Manfred Von Richthofen and his Red Fokker Dr.I. The black and white highlight perfectly the red color. I added some yellow to clearly show the Bionik arms and the Kustom weaponz... Hey posers Nobz !!

    Manfrag  is a mix of the Renegade Ork and a Nob with power armour.
    I added some stuff to feel the gaps of the conversion and I renforced his skinny calves in the same style of the other Nobz. Like on the Crimson fist I increase the details on the armours with reinforcing plates or air vents on the shoulder pads. The picture below show the conversion process, befor I scratched the ChaosStar and swap it by the IronCross.

    The big question ! How the Nobz store their back banner? To answer to this existential question, I created some Orkish inventions in green stuff!
    Answer : Low ranked Nobz store their back banner manually in a small backpack provided for this purpose (pretty boring!). Or for high ranked Nobz, Fokker Squadron first of course! They use a banner mounted on a telescopik tube controlled by a automatik Ork device on their back. Painted in Yellow... Hey, posers Nobz !
    Low ranked Nobz!
    High ranked Nobz!

    Make your own banners! Here I share the banners I created for my Drop Legion, enjoy :)

    lundi 13 août 2018

    Rogue Trader : Battle at the Farm - Ork troops

    Hello Boyz! Summer time, holidays, vacation... and painting sessions! Yep, I keep the mojo and I continu to work on the project. Not only on the painting models but also on the scenario.

    In the next post, I will develop How I want to play the Battle of the Farm scenario but for the moment some words to make you underderstand my work. I want to integrate some elements of the Worl War 1&2 in the Rynn invasion context . The principal reason is the Ork style of the late 80's. Clearly, lot of models  have the German WW1&2 style and I love it. So I want to go further and move "The Battle of the Farm" scenario on a battle field of the WW1 era. With trenches, craters, iconic troops, war technologies, etc...

    The WW1 German storm trooper is the theme of my Ork force. This iconical trooper is identifiable with his naive camo paint on his helmet, his bags and his grenades. So I added these elements to my RTB02 Ork troopers, my favorit adds are the backpacks who are really fun to sculpt. Other conversion is the most scrappy RT Ork trooper in Fearsome Orkish stormtrooper. I hope you note the conversion of the BloodBowl Thrower in Nobz, Badass!!

    Concerning the back banners of the Nobz, I kept the differents Ork symbols of the late 80's like the sword/skull of the Drop Legion and the teeth of the Kulo army. I integrate them in banners with colors inspired by the 3rd reich flag with a focus on the Iron Cross.

    dimanche 1 juillet 2018

    Rogue Trader : The last stand.

    Good morning! Today we talking about the RT cover art, as I writen in my last post this illustration marked my youth. Yep, After painted less then 20 marines in the first step of the BatF project, the idea of a scenic base for them slowly make is way in my mind.

    This is a great challenge to realize these scene and I was very enthusistic during every steps of the creation process... I hope you enjoy the result as much as me :)

    Cover art autopsy
    Before starting, I had to understand the scene! I worked every day with the illustration (WD93 in fact!) on my work space to get all the subtleties of the scene. The last stand illustration is a mix between differents feeling like : Despair, suffering, self sacrifice and bravery. Of course, I don't pretend managed to retranscribe all these feelings in my work but I had them in mind during the cretion process.
    The other important point is to capt all the characters of the scene, I describe them bellow. To finish, the last element who give all the depth of the illustration is the back scene : The dark sky, explosions and the shadows of huges incoming monstruosities.
    A kind of futuristic WorldWar1? The Crimson Fist Marines interpreting the French soldiers in blue clothes and the Ork of Kev Adams as German soldiers. Interresting dont you think ?
    By John Sibbick 1987

    The scenic base 
    The first step was to find a clear box to contain the scene and define the dimensions of the base. To creat the mound, I piled 25mm mdf round bases to creat different levels. Then, I filled the gaps with milliput and shape the mound. The highest point of the scene is in the central place of the base. I hidden the back border bases of the Marines in sort of small craters to accentuate the WW1 battefield spirit.
    My own interpretation of the last stand scene take place in the ruined farm ... So, I used some Fugou KS sceneries to define the corners of the base.

    The charaters
    Ok to make a good scene you need to capt the principal characters of the illustration and try to arrange them in the same situation. Here I created 6 characters with similarites from the original illustration.
    Like the playable Marines, I added lot of bags around the belt of the wounded Soldiers to increase the "poilu" soldier spirit. Bandages and blood add some humanity and fragility to these soldiers, very representative of the first Space Marines (Only T3!)

    Brother Bryan :
    The central character of the scene is the Sergent, I volontary changed the side of these character to avoid the sculpt a Ork head in his fist. And because the Eagle on his shoulder pad is too crappy :) So, I keeped the original Marine Body, I slightly modified his posture. I added some greenstuf around his skinny thighs. And swap his face with a RTB01 Marine helmet.

    Brother Rick :
    I love this model, his posture is perfect to represent the bavery. He standing front of the maelstrom. The scar on his face suppose he's a veteran, enough to hold the banner of the unit. I scratched the original shoulder pads and I sculpted news closer to the illustration. I swapped the sword by a Bolter.

    Brother Aly :
    The original model is a Rhino Marine, I simply changed the posture of the arm with the Bolter, I added a helmet on his head and sculpted a bandage around his arm. The posture is inverted compared to the illustration but I think it nicely representative.

    Brother Jess :
    The original model of this dead Marine  is very closer from the illustration, I simply added a bandage around his wounded arm. Some bags around him. Maybe they contain amo or personal effects...

    Brother John :
    This Plastic Marine need some work to have a nice posture. I described it in my last post, I'm pretty proud of them because they have a very agressive posture.

    Brother Nico :
    Yep it's me :) I'm in a bad situation,I'm wounded, I'm coiled betweens two craters and I understand that I'm living my last battle. I throw my helmet on the ground and I smoke a cigarette before the Reaper take me ... but I will selling my skin dearly!

    This character is almost completly hidden on the illustration. I'm relatively free to use any models in the Citadel range. I decided to use a Christmas Marine, I simply added a bandage around his head and swapped his sword with a Bolter.

    The Unknow Brother :
    This Marines is a classic dead soldier no add on. OK the back pack and the helmet around him :)

    The Back scene :
    I photoshoped the back scene of the illustration. I'm not a great numerical artist so Mr Sibbick please excuse me for the graphic slaughter. You can download it and use it for you own picture (approx. 40x17cm).