• dimanche 24 avril 2022

    World Eaters : Cannon of Khorne

    Hey! The Cannons of Khorne are one of the most hideous engines of destruction created for the Blood God Khorne by the Chaos Squats. Huge carriages of blackened steel ornated with brounze skulls, Cannon mount a single heavy tube banded with brass and steel flaring towards a gigantic gaping muzzle. Cannon of Khorne rumble into battle driven by great pressure engines which push them forward on creaking wheels. The charge a Cannon of Khorne fire is dawn from energies of warp space, directed as a skrieking meteor of flame which melt flesh from bone and burns bone to ash. It take a considerable time for a Cannon of Khorne to build up energy to fire. As it does so hellish glow grow in its maw and deep rumble issue from within.

    This Epic Chaos engine was bring to 28mm scale by the Armorcast studio during the 90's. My only reproach is the Khorne runes design on the sides and the lack of small details. So I remove the runes with a dremel and replaced them by huge naive skulls inspired by those from the rear side of the Lord of Battle. Also added some giant nails and chains.ails and chains.
    Original Epic concept
    Armorcast design
    Revised design

    mercredi 13 avril 2022

    World Eaters : Enslaved Daemon

    Ahoy!! Another Daemonic engine added to the Legion but this time it's about a Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, enslaved. This servitor of the youngest Chaos God was submitted after his defeat during a challenge against my Khorne's Daemon Prince. The Keeper of Secrets is maintained under control by an powerfull rune on is head, Chaos squats have combined the mutilated body of the Daemon on a custom legged engine.

    This model was fully based on things I found in my bit boxe, scratch building. Crabs Claws come from the French North beach where I spend my spare time with familly during summer.

    lundi 11 avril 2022

    World Eaters : Rhino!

    Hey! I built this serie of Rhinos with different frames (Predator & Rhino) of incomplete items found at low price on ebay. The main objective here is "personalization", obtain something a bit different then the classic rhino by using tiny half pearls and elements from previous projects. The overall aspect is fairly good, I think :) 

    I know, it's a bit classic or regular for chaos vehicules but spiky/skully Rhinos aren't my cup of tea, so we will said those vehicules were freshly looted to Imperial troops. I applied a red/black /orenage camo to increase the RT feeling and also because I love this way to paint vehicules. 

    vendredi 25 mars 2022

    World Eaters : Troopers!

    Hello folks! Quick update to show some Marines I painted last weeks. I added these new lads to complete my collection, no specific gaming needs. You probably recognize those sculpted by Dave Andrews, a bit bigger than classic RT Chaos Marines. I slightly re-oriented and/or changed arms to get out of "in the plan" position. 

    I also relooked some slaaneshy Marines in True Chaos Marines of Khorne :) basique heads swap, nothing more. To finish, I gratified these minis by a couple of WE metal shoulder pads I founds on eBay last years at a decent price, still possible for patient people.

    I made 3 objectives markers with  several pieces which remain in my bit box, last parts of the projet recycled! I seeking on eBay (again!) to find some dead Marines from RT range in order to made more markers but prices are too extravagant... I give up!

    dimanche 20 février 2022

    World Eaters : Lord of Battle

    Hey folks! First thing first, I apologize for the lack of updating on the blog the last months. I'm strongly involved in my new irl job and unfortunately I have only few hours to dedicate to painting and gaming per week... no comment. 

    Any way, I used those couples of hours to bring a new Epic dimension to my World Eaters Legion. I carried-out this crazy idea which growing in my mind since a local dude (very nice guy) adopted a 3D scanner. Indeed, we started gently with the Epic Bloodthirster model few months ago and we kept going with another huge chunk of Epic to re-scale in 28mm size. The bigger Daemon Engine of Khorne : The Lord of Battle.

    From my point of view, to resize properly this model some ajustments have to apply in order to obtain an harmonious piece. The original miniature have several proportion issues. Firstly, the bottom part of the model is too small in comparison of the torso. Secondly, the shoulders are too larger for the torso. Thirdly, the Frontal Spicked Shield is really ugly and a partial redesigning is necessary. To finish, the addition of small details is mandatory to bring depth to the model : Nails, chains, cables and piles of skulls.

    Revized proportions with shorter shoulders

    3D Scanning
    3D printing
    Again and again...

    The model was 3D printed with PLA material with 0,2 layers. I will be honest, the sanding is mandatory to obtain smooth surfaces especialy regarding the sphericals shapes on the model. A sanding paper can be used but a dremel can be your best friend to achieved the task for a huge model. I used the XTC 3D material as cherry on top . This thick liquid resin is applied as a coating to give the final touch.

    dimanche 7 novembre 2021

    Gaming weekend : W40 000 campaign!

    I ran a quick campaign with Laurent aka Slaanesh Child few days ago, weekend format is my favorite way to deep dive in a gaming trip with friends. Tree interconnected battles with progressive army lists. No heavy campaign rules, just easy peasy (lemon squeezy!) rules to give cool benefits for next battles. Played with the Warhammer 40.000 2nd ed rule set with a large amount of gorgeous Old School RoC models!

    Background : Energies are precious resources for the legions. Dedicated troops are constantly seeking for across the galaxy in order to provide the materials and energies required for endless conflicts. Renegade legions have also to deal with it and my next blogposts going to report the clash between Emperors Children’s and World Eater’s legions.

    The planet where the struggle take place contain plenty of ores which ones are significant sources of energies once refined. Planet residents are specialized in this process, the complexity of the method isn’t accessible the chaotic Marines and the residents will have to be forced to share the riddle of the refining with their invaders.  Unfortunately, for the Renegades, the major part of the inhabitants fled. Both Legions are now on chase to get theirs hands on the last runaways able to run the refining plants.

    First game : On chase!

    During their flee the technical staffs from refineries abandoned precious materials, both legions sent-out scouting platoons to seek those crates full of priceless information.

    Skirmish Battle, 1000pts on 120x120cm table. Multi Objectives game.

    A: World Eaters swooping on their foe
    B: Slaanshies defend their objective
    C: Veterans before
    D: Veterans after they flee in the wrong direction then reaped by the Noise squad
    At the bottom, a Chaos spawn cross the WE tactical unit
    At the right : WE capitain surounded by some friends

    Emperor Children win! This quick game is a perfect campaign appetizer

    Second game : The spaceport

    The precious information collected in the previous scenario oriented the invaders in direction of the spaceport. Indeed, some fleeing engineers reached to late the escape spaceship and stayed abandoned on their own planet. The toughest-ones quickly runaway to new hiding place, the weakest-ones stayed at the spaceport as such prey for the Legions.

    Classic Battle, 2000pts on 180x120cm, Single objective battle.

    A: Emperor Childen tactical squad, Knighmare miniatures beauty
    B: Lot of frenzy troops!
    C: Relentles Terminators with Dreadnaught support
    D: Kill them all!!
    E: I'm well protected behind my gamaing table!
    F: Emperor Children reach the suffuring Engineer first
    G: Somptuous Noise Marines
    H: You won't believe me... The Slaanshy captain survived...

    Drawn! Both sides tried out to pickup the Engineer but none succeeded, the unfortunate Squat ended  stamped by a Juggernaut and a Slaanesh mount. Chaos poetry!

    Last game : Final assault!

    The world Eaters protect the gates of a colossal refining plant from what it seems to be the last assault of their eternal rival. The riddle of refining is lost and none legion have local Engineering support to ran those equipements, the precious refinery must be owned in the name of their respective gods.

    Massive Battle, 6666pts on 240x120pts, Multi Objectives game.

    Deployment overview
    A: All-out assault  !!
    B: Few seconds before the clash 
    C: Summoned Daemons pop on the battlefield
    D: Third Bloodthirster! Emperor Children hold on!
    D: Slaanesh sent his Daemonic minions as well!
    E: What a marvellous Keeper of Secrets!
    F: Daemons battling for an objective
    G: Slaanshies Veterans are going to taste to Bloodletters charge!
    Both Daemon prince struggling in the name of their Patron, draw!

    Skulls for the skull throne! World Earters are on top today and Slaanesh didn't succeded in his plan!

    Such a good weekend! W40K 2nd ed set of rules is good, sometimes a bit heavy for close combat and vehicles damages locations. The overall feeling is good and the pleasure to play with so much great models overweigh any rule/technical drawbacks J Thanks Laurent for the visit!