• lundi 22 mai 2023

    World Eaters : Khornates Legionnaires part Three (final)

    Hi ! Here we are, 5 months of works to finish those 8 lads. Regarding the paint job, tThe big challenge was to manage the brass color(s) which cover Juggernaut’s bodies. Brass/Gold/Bronze are not so easy to paint and the final result can disappointing if using the wrong process. Oxidation as well, I applied two variants of oxidation colors : Greenish and blueish version. Mainly to provide a plurality in the color scheme and avoid redundancies. Might be to the detriment of the ‘standard’ Vert-de-gris color ton but it bring a bit of Daemonic fantasy in the whole unit . Riders are in regular WE colors in order to keep a link with the remaining part of the legion. Banners are in Green/Blue/Purple/pink tones to counter balance with the other colors of the model.

    Chaos Legionnaires Lore

    Legionnaires are mortals chosen, often at the point of the death, to serve their chaos god in a direct fashion. They are maintained by arcane magics in endless, undying glory. The ‘legendary heroes’ of Chaos, they fight and die in huge numbers , yet can rise from the dead in a single night , protected by their dark master’s awesome power. The once-mortal Legionnaires become arrogant, disdainful of other in the service of chaos. They start secure in the knowledge that they have been specially chosen end granted pleasures beyond their dreams. But as the centuries of death and rebirth stretch into millennia, doubts seep into the minds of the Legionnaires. Their existence is a purposeless one, doomed to death and subservience , the future merely another battle to be fought. The Chaos gods , however , do not care. The Legionnaires are trapped in a endless cycle of battle, death and rebirth, tied to their god and theirs empty pleasures.

    Legionnaires are well supported by Khorne's minions

    dimanche 9 avril 2023

    Word Eaters : Khornates Legionnaires part two

    Hi there! The second step is done and sound the end of the modeling part of the project. 

    I focused on pole weapons and the back banners. Both provide a great consistence to the models and participate to extend the height and make the juggers tallers.

    Pole weapons

    I gathered several spare parts from my bits box as : Skaven blades, Chainsaw swords, modern plastic Khorne Icon, parts of original juggers such as Bloodletters heads, etc… To hold all those stuffs, I designed new scabbards in line of the Jugger new armour style, stamped with Khorne Skull rune, of course. All those artefacts represent gifts given by their patron for centuries of wars.

    Back banners

    Most of those pieces are revamped banners from Knightmare miniatures range. Sculpted by the talented Roberth Breséus and inspired by Ian Miller art works, I reused them as a solid base for my own interpretations of dreaded Chaos banners.

    The non-squarish back banners were designed by my self with additional bits from (again) Knightmare miniatures range and also from Diehard miniatures range. Those shields give an extra RoC flavor to the overall aspect, they’re inspired by Tony Ackland artwork from Slaves to Darkness book.

    Inspirations and bits from cool miniatures ranges
    Left and middle from Knightmare mini and right from Diehard mini.

    samedi 18 mars 2023

    World Eaters : Khornate Legionnaires part one

    Hey boyz !! 3 months without updating… What’s going on there? It’s because the current project is rather long and posting too much WIP articles on the blog isn’t my cup of tea. So today, we are talking about a unit of 8 Gentlemen mounted on Juggernaut, also knew as the Khornate Legionnaires.

    That’s an uncommon unit for an Old school Khorne miniatures collection. I guess the main reason is because the avatar of the daemonic Steed of khorne is struck by a weird Hippo Chaos gift. Many incoherencies push this model very high in the crappiest old school miniatures charts.

    What’s wrong with this model? The first thing is the forequarter and its non-natural front legs position, which bring and unusual posture to the miniature. The second thing is that half of the purposed heads are shitty and most of them look down and increase the unusual posture. To finish, the global size of the model seems to be fairly small for a demonic steed.

    For all those reasons, I decided to take up the challenge and try to do my best to relook this hippo unit and transform it into a fearsome unit of Khornate monsters. And 8 Juggernauts on a wargame table is quite fancy 😊

    Juggernauts Heads

    This is the first big chunk of the project,  I kept 2 different heads from the initial set. I reoriented their gaze and remove the top armor as well. I fully recreate, the coolest armored head. I wished to add the khorne champion head from Jes Goodwin range. To finish, I created 2 new heads based on Bloodthirster models. After copied them in greenstuff, I splited-up both and filled empties spaces with greenstuff in order to obtain a larger version.
    Green = Cool, Orange = Rare and Red = Ugly

    Front legs position

    The main job there was to remove the front legs from the Juggs body. To help me in this task I used a Dremel, without this tool, wasn’t able to achieve the task. Once ended, I created two different legs position, in X shape. Now those beasts have a more natural front legs position. 

    Armor and details

    I designed different armor variations for the bodies and forequarters. And to garnish,, I added some standard details as Chainmail, chains, Khorne medals and icons. Also some Technologic thing as Bionic Eye or Hydraulic jaw. And a large amount of rivets 😊 2 pair of riders legs were missing so I created my owned version with a strong Renegade Marines inspiration.

    Next steps

    Now I’ll start to work on the side poles. Antic weapons, banners, icons, etc… 3 weeks of work, at least. lLet finish this long article with a bunch Juggernauts artworks from Slaves to Darkness. See you.

    lundi 2 janvier 2023

    Full Metal Planete

    Hey !! I hope you well celebrate the end of 2022 and I wish you a great gaming year for 2023. I start this new year with very old French game from 1988 : Full Metal Planete.

    This 2-4 players board game is set up on an hexa-map and supplied with metal miniatures. The background is fairly simple, in a far future each player represent a mining company on a planete full of ore. Players lead a detachment of vehicules and have to pick-up the maximum of ore in a certain time (21 to 25 turns)

    The map is splited un various types of terrain as Plain, Mounts, Swamps and Sea. Function of the tide, the map change and reveal a new geography every turn. The Variety of vehicules is a big plus as well, indeed, you can activate Tanks, Heavy tanks, Crabs, Meteo Stations, Barges and ships. Each vehicule have is own specificities.

    The gameplay is based on a reserve of 15 actions you have to spend each turns to move, transform ore, transfert, fight, etc... No dice are rolled in this game. For a game count 45min for 2 players and 120min for 4 players. Full Metal planete was also edited by A
    tari for Pc gaming in 1990.

    Regarding the painting job, I mostly used Autumnal colors that I highlighted with bone beige. Each vehicules have a cavity to host a colored gem in order to differanciate each mining compagny. I swapped the supplied gems by bigger gems I formed with greenstuff. Model are supposed to be stacked during the game, so I recommand to protect them with thick varnish. I used a glossy one that I recovered with mat varnish from PA range to breack the shiny fx except for the gems.

    To protect your models : Thick glossy varnish and mat varnish 

    Expansion for base game

    Ad from Old french wargame magazine 

    lundi 28 novembre 2022

    World Eaters : Champions and Daemons

    Hey! Huge announcement, with this batch of painted lads, it seems that I painted all the model I bough so far for this project (Leadpile = 0). I didn't said that the World Eaters army is complete, indeed, might be if I'm blessed by Khorne, I will be gifted with an Angron model in the next weeks but nothing comfirmed yet.

    Regarding my last works, you probably recognize the Chaos Champion drew by Mark Gibbons and re edited by GW for Warhammer+ subscribers. The model is super cool but totaly over sized compared to the old Terminators. Anyway this model have his place in the legion :) The second Champion is a conversion based on Khorne Champion, Epic warhound legs and Chaos terminator power glove. And to finish, a small unit of Bloodletters Bough to SATYR ART STUDIO (ecwid.com), sculpted by Drew Williams. Thanks to him for this super good idea, those models rocks!