• mercredi 4 mars 2020

    The mysterious Kevin Adams Dragon!

    Hello!! The first time I've seen this Dragon was at the Newark Foundry shop last year. I didn't bought it and I regretted it. So, when I saw it again at the Foundry stand of the Crisis Antwerpen show... I bought it without question!

    I found few information about this mysterious model on the web. No more informations of it in the Foundry/Warmonger catalogues. It possibly an OOP or unreleased model.

    In any case, this Dragon have a funny style with cartoony proportions. Far from the fearsome Big Spined Dragon, I had a crush for the good head of this chap. This model have Optional Heads and arms including one with a great book and an orcling. Original wings are pretty crapy and I swapped them by the Jes G. Manticore wings.

    6 commentaires:

    1. Oh jamais vu mais il est superbe, sa tête est vraiment originale. Seules les "ailes" étaient un peu bof, du coup tu as bien fait de les changer :)

    2. Carrement, les ailes originales sont trop cracras. En plus faut se farcir les membranes 😀 Du coup faut que je trouve des nouvelles ailes à ma Manticore 😀

    3. Belle trouvaille et belle peinture ! +1 pour les ailes !

    4. Love it. I am going to have to see if I can get one!