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    O&G Army Background : Characters and Special Things

    Hi! Last post for the project, I started it in the mid August of the last year, six month of work. In this part, I worked on the modelling the special card of the Chaos Marauder game. Pretty proud of Dagromm models, the Shotti and the Idol. The Drunken Snots are really fun to paint. Bilge  the Orc Hero come from the Warmonger range, massive miniature :) Enjoy !

    Bilge ‘No Remorse’ Guttrott
    Regimental leader Bilge is a legendary Orc hero who slaughtered his way to fame during the historic Five Minute War. The war took place beneath the roots of Black Crag Tower, when a group of Dwarf prospectors contested his ownership of a seam of the rare, edible Black Crag Rock.

    It was after smushing ‘the weirdbeard runt guys’ that Bilge earned his present surname. Bloated by success, Bilge consumed a solid hundredweight of the semi-organic stone. This feat was followed by The Time of The Mighty Heave: according to the Ugg Chronicles “he went westward into the wastes and fasted for one night and half the day thereafter, before returning a reformed and rock-fearing character.”

    The Wyvern and its Orc rider, Kug the Malicious, win their battles by swooping on enemy troops – who generally respond by routing. For those brave or foolish enough to hold their ground, Kug has an array of poisoned darts and other missiles at his disposal.

    Chaos Marauders
    They pound the roads from coast to coast in their never ending search for a fist full of crowns. Destruction is their trademark, pillaging their game, a wise man stands aside from da Chaos Marauders.

    They are a band of twenty or so black-armoured figures on immense, armoured steeds, each bearing the Mark of Chaos in blood red. They fight anyone, anytime, anywhere.

    Dragromm Flailbreath
    A high-ranking Chaos Champion, Dagromm has a personal hatred for anything Dwarven, and will lead any attack against Dwarven strongholds or units. With his rotted face and bestial frame, he is feared by the Orcs and always obeyed. He is easily recognized by the many Dwarven bones fused to his black iron wargear, and misses no opportunity to extend his collection.

    Garok Varokroksenrok

    Three years ago, this brilliant Dwarf engineer from Caraz-a-Carak was invited to the Human city of Talabheim to review its siege defenses. On his first night in the city, he was kidnapped by Clan Skryre Skaven, who were intent on gaining his precious knowledge. Since then, he has been dragged from  hell-hole to hell-hole, bravely keeping silent. He serves now as a banner, and his moaning, crucified form will be one of the first things that the Dwarfs at Mad Dog Pass see when the Orc army attacks.

    Horned Rat Standard
    The standard of The Horned Rat is an effigy of a most foul and horrible Chaos God revered by the Skaven Lords of Decay. The Orcs so fear the rodent deity that they would never risk its wrath by accidentally damaging the standard. Consequently, no battle line with the Horned Rat Standard in it will ever be attacked.

    Orcs are not devoutly religious as a rule, but when all-out war looms they often decide a bit of divine favour might be useful. The shrines are tidied, the temples attended, and the idols dusted.
    Hoping for a runaway win, the army drags along a stone idol of the Orc god, Kygor Sydewynder. Sydewynder (though born mortal) entered the Orcish pantheon after refining the Arts of Hack & Slay Warfare, as well as many fine implements of horrific torture.
    Possessing an idol of Kygor is not necessarily a good thing, though, as his divine wrath is easily roused!

    Monggo’s Meat Grinders
    Every Orc army has something that is considered everyone’s personal property. This is the obligatory stock of portable torture implements, which includes everything from rippers, to crushers, to manglers, and more besides.
    Despite the shared ownership of the “Meat Grinders,” one Orc ensures the equipment is kept safe and in good, rusty condition. The present manager is Bloodbath Monggo, whose techniques even give other Orcs appreciative shivers!

    Odlugg Spleenripper
    This large ugly Troll is roaming the world in search of the ultimate nosh. However, having tried everything from poached Halfling to Ogre’s Limbs with Nurgle’s Rot, Odlugg has yet to find “Da grub o’ me dreemz.”
    Afraid of Odlugg, the Orcs let him eat their booty if he wants it. Odlugg often gets confused in the heat of battle and walks away hoping to shift his headache. Sometimes he even joins somebody else’s ranks – which can be a problem.

    Shaman of Aaaaaaaag
    Some perverse Orcs are not content to bash their way through life. They study battle magic instead, believing that any army is puny without mystical support to back it up.
    However, it’s not easy to become a magician owing to the lack of mentors. So the Orcs go to the ancient secret caves (such as the Catacombs of Aaaaaaaag, at the southernmost point of the World’s Edge Mountains) where Orc adepts pass on their knowledge to other Orcs, who in turn pass it on, and so on. Of course, the practice is dying out as graduates of the temple (shamans), tend to run off to the nearest war, leaving fewer and fewer shamans to pass on their knowledge.

    The Shotti
    This is a large vermillion jewel the Orcs know nothing about. They just bring it along on with the understanding that when the time comes to fight, it will do something spectacularly helpful.
    The jewel itself holds the awesome ‘Blast’ spell and is to be wielded by the Chaos Magician Sziggmann Deathlok, who will join the army in a few days.

    Skyrr’s Blowback
    The ‘blowback’ (more Orcish nicknaming) is a Skaven firethrower, using a mixture of magic, chemicals, and the weird Warpstone to produce a gout of corrosive flame. It is controlled by two Ratmen, one of whom is Skyrr – the firethrower commander.
    The weapon is devastating, but suffers from one major setback. When it’s used there is always a chance that it will backfire and explode – wiping out the crew and anyone standing it the vicinity!

    Sneaky Git
    These dark-hooded Hobgoblin assassins slime around at all hours, never carry their weapons openly, will stab you in the back as much as look at you; never stand and fight in honest battle, talk in one of them queer guild lingos, go moving about so as you can’t keep your eyes on ‘em, team up with whoever’s got the most loot so’s you never know what side they’re on, and they’re even left handed.
    No wonder they’re nicknamed Sneaky Gits!

    Spittledung XXXXX
    Every Orc agrees that for any campaign, there is something more important than swords; more important than engines; more important than good planning and, yes, even more important than an easy target...
    That something is Spittledung XXXXX, the pint of Grog for a real Orc. Hot, steamy, and brewed with the aid of mould-covered stoats, a swift half of it guarantees a satisfying, refreshing, brain-blasted battle.

    Spoil Heaps
    After a raid, the Orcs put all their spoils into a few large heaps (because it looks good), instead of each keeping what they actually took to themselves. This means that when it comes to sorting out who owns what (yes, you guessed it) a fight inevitably breaks out.

    Venomous Creeps
    “Venomous Creeps” is a special insult reserved for a certain type of Orc warrior who is all too common these days. If, in battle, these troops feel that they are going to be wiped out, and if there is a chance of the enemy letting them live, then they will try and join the other side. To increase their chances of survival, they’ll even take a ‘peace offering’ with them (anything they think the enemy might want). Half-Orcs for sure!

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    1. Niceo these are fabulous! Those conversions are seamless. Can't wait to see the battle report. ;)

      1. Thank you Thomas. I hope to play this armu quickly ��

    2. Boulot de fou, conversions impeccables, la peinture n'est pas en reste, un débit de malade... je suis jaloux :)

      1. Merci beaucoup venant de toi ca me fait tres plaisir 😀👍

    3. Bon sang de bois! Le détournement du champion de Slaanesh est fameux!

      1. Les Champions de Slaanesh sont vraiment classenent mais celui ci est mon préféré. J'adore son look, quelle horreur se cache sous sa capuche... Merci Pandera

    4. C'est tout simplement génial !
      Comme toujours, ce que tu arrives à sortir de ces vieilles figs est magnifique, et le petit bout de fluff qui accompagne chaque pièce met vraiment dans l'ambiance.
      Bref, c'est top et on en veut toujours plus !!

      1. Merci caillou, moi aussi j'en veux plus (^_^) Apres le temps de la peinture viens toujours le temps de jeu, j'espere poster rapidement un (des) petit(s) rapport(s) de bataille(s).

    5. I'm still struggling to find the words. What a fantastic, impressive work!

      1. Thank you suber I was very inspired and the Chaos Marauder Game give me the mojo. I'm proud of the result (^_^)

    6. Stunning stuff I just acquired my copy of the game recently and your conversions and choice of minis capture the feeling of the game perfectly. You have every right to be proud.

      1. Thank you very much 😀 A great game, no tactical, just lot of fun. Cheers!

    7. Une bien belle armée !! L'historique est riche, tu as du t'éclater... Il me tarde bien de les affronter !

    8. Enormes conversions, The shotti et Dragromm sont mes préférées.

      1. J'ai passé du temps dessus et comme toi, ils sont dans mon top 5 de l'armée :) A+ Nico

    9. I'm absolutely bowled over and the amount of creativity on display here. I especially like the paintjobs on the Half-Orcs!

      1. Hi Curis! Thank you. It was a very inspiring project, the game background was my holy bible during all the process. Cheers!