• jeudi 1 septembre 2022

    Heroquest : End-of-cycle

    Hey, it's time for back to school! Not the funniest moment of the year but at least it can be associated by my gaming group to a glorious Heroquest moment.... Nothing else than an end-up of the 9 missions campaign.  

    Everything started with an genders balance in the group. Indeed I provided to my wife a female avatar for the sorcerer. This model is a fan made and can be find on ebay, thank to Dante who kindly sent me this beauty. Colors scheme is totaly inspired by the HQ version.

    The last mission is splited in 2 maps  representing a wide tunnels network infested by Green Skins. Quite standard mission exept that each one ended by a special encounter/room. Indeed, the first mission finish by the encounter with the Slayer Thorik in the middle of a fight with a Manticore (Khazad-Dûm echo!).

    The second  mission ended in the treasure room and the encounter with Balaur, the Blue Dragon (Smaug/Erebor echo!). After an Epic fight well managed by adventurers group,  Balaur perished by an arrow fired by the Elf. Thorik couldn't resit to behead the monster and it's  very good reason to paint my Citadel DS9 Dragon Slayer vignette, as reminder of this fantastic campaign. I admit the blood fx on the axe is a bit overkill :) 
    Anyhow cheers for the adventurers!

    In game picture

    Friday evening adventure!

    Encounter with Thorik

    Encounter with Balaur

    Balaur's death

    4 commentaires:

    1. This is all so epic! Congratulations on such a well done job :) The in game pics are glorious, and it looks like everyone had a good time!

      1. Indeed suber, lot of fun. Thank you 😀

    2. Truly an epic ending!
      Congratulations on turning a standard board game (however fascinating it may be) into a unique experience for the whole family.
      D, who loves gory scenes full of blood, was struck by the final vignette: bravo!
      Just a curiosity: is the last miniature a gift for the family heroes, or will the game master keep it in his secret chest?

      1. Thank you Rodor, I keep this vignette in my display cabinet. Close to lot of other good things 😀😀