• dimanche 10 juillet 2011

    Realms of Chaos Battle report : Clash of the Evil.

    This is a tribute to all the fans of the "Realms of Chaos" supplements. We tried to keep the original spirit of these 3rd ed supplements. I hope you enjoy the pics like me...

    This battle is an attempt for increase the influence of the Plague Father in the chaos wastes. Opposing the dreaded pestilent horde of Nurgle , the mighty cohort of followers of the Dark God.

    We played with 8th ed rules, 4500 pts “Blood and Glory” scenario. The Nurgle army was totally constructed with an adaptation list of the supplement “Lost an Damned” and I constructed my army with an adaptation list of the supplement “WHFB Armies”. In addition, we played the “chaos gifts” of the 4th ed chaos supplement.

    This confrontation was a perfect contacts battle with a high level of closes combats phases like every Chaos Lords can dream.

    The Nurgles troops advance was stopped by lots of charges of the Chaos Undivided troops. Plagues Trolls was slayed by the General and his chosen unit but in the second turn they was entirely destroyed by a combined charges of two units of plagues bearers with palanquin and the pestilent General on his Spided Dragon. This killing blow sounded the end of the battle for me, I was the first to reach the army breaking point but we decided to continued the battle. See pics for the rest of the confrontation.

    Just a few words about my enemy of the day, I named Slaanesh Child. He’s a vintage collector like me, check this link to see his huge chaos armies. Many olds miniatures and a lot of awesome conversions.

    Deployment and general movements during the battle.

    The Plague Father Army.

    The Pestilent Lord on his Spined Dragon, next to the Trolls and plagues bearers.

    The seven riders of Doom.

    The mighty cohorte of the Dark God

    Some beastmen warriors.

    Chaos Dwarfs troops support buy the dreaded Dragon Ogres.

    The Nurgle Army advance.

    On the other flanc.

    The Dark troops stop the followers of diseases.

    The chosen unit impact the Spined Dragon after pursue and slayed the Plagues trolls.

    The Dark God Army run to save his Dark General.

    The beastmen charge the Chaos Knights.

    Plagues bearears bring down the Dark Lord and his retinue.

    After destroyed the Shaggoth, Chaos Dwarfs war machines are charge by Chaos Warriors.

    Ogres and Minotaurs avenge their master.

    The pestilent warriors advance to support their brethren.

    Close-up of this marvelous unit.

    Only the Chaos Knights can stopped the Ogres. The eye of Nurgle was on the Chaos champion, No one can understand the way of the Chaos Gods.

    After a long battle, the Spined Dragon engage a last duel.

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    1. Beautiful sir, simply beautiful. You and your opponent are both very lucky indeed!

    2. Absolutely my friend! But this battle It's a reward after many many hours of paint... Unforgettable.. But not the last battle ;)

    3. Excellent boulot Nico ! Figs & blog !!!

      Je te laisse deviner qui a posté...

      Au plaisir de te voir pour te mettre une branlée à BB ou des billes dans le cul...


    4. Mmmm... Genre boules de geisha !! J' adore :)
      Je vais te trainer toi et ton équipe jusqu'au au pied de la coupe de sang... Tu ne sortiras pas de l'arène... Brrr ça fait peur !!!
      A bientôt Julio !!

    5. Good God. What a fantastic collection of beautifully painted hardcore old school spiky tentacle-festooned chaos goodness. You sir, are my hero.

    6. An awesome battle against Slaneesh Child... Check his web site, you going to become crazy !


    7. Amazing crazy amries, good painting work.

    8. Super, des armées old school peintes a la old school, tout ce que j'adore!
      J'attends avec impatience la suite car ton blog m'a redonné envie de reprendre non seuleument mon armée Orks a Net epic mais aussi mon projet Warbands du chaos commencé il y a 15 ans!
      Pressé de voir d'autres figs!