• mardi 5 juillet 2011

    Chaos warriors

    Chaos warriors are the emblematics followers of the dark Gods, many Citadel sculptors have worked on them, probably hundred different models. But my collection is composed essentially by Jes Goodwin sculpturs : CH2, CH3 and Realms of Chaos range. I love his helmets and armours style. The kinky Chaosette and an AD&D Evil Fighters are sculpted by Perry and ?.

    When I play this unit, I always use them as central troops in my battle line. Powerfull and dreaded by my opponents, I’m rarely disappointed by them. They’re my minions.

    About paint, I tried to make a 80’s unit style, composed with differents armours colors. Copper, black, blue and green armours are make with differents washings. To obtain a cohesion I used gold and steel NMM, a touch of rusty and verdigris to enrich the metal.

    Inspiration : White Dwarf N°81 September 1986.

    4 commentaires:

    1. great unit - indeed very old school - and the nmm gives cohesion and makes the impression less busy... very good job! :)

    2. que du bonheurs, un ensemble très harmonieux

    3. reall amazing,those old miniatures citadel where full of personality,congratulations (^_^)

    4. Thanks Anonyme... You're a Vintage Citadel collector?