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    Realm of Chaos Campaign : Aux portes du Bastion

    Games day 89, Four Gods demonic
    Legions on the same table
    Several Months ago, I started to work on WHFB scenarios to play with my Old WHFB partner Laurent (aka Slaanesh Child). The aim was to play our Demonic Legions several games and end up by a huge battle. In the same way of Pete Taylor’s demonstration Game during the 89 Games Day. Massive confrontation between the FOUR gods legions ckeck there some pictures of his models certainly involved in this demonstration game.

    I created a campaign entirely inspired by Slaves to Darkness tome, the narrative is about a Slaanesh invasion in Khorne domain and those events happens in the Realm of Chaos, they're declined in 7 successive scenarios.

    The campaign can be played with any WHFB version, some non-mandatory specials rules are added to manage the ‘Eye of Gods’, Demons and wandering Chaos Monsters. A couple of fancy sceneries/terrains are required to play the scenarios but no excessive invest are required.

    I finally succumbed to the Slaves to Darkness layout with plenty of B&W illustrations and short descriptions text to provide an immersive experience and a common vision regarding the Realm of Chaos from old times .

    This document is also a good reason to highlight my Chaos collection models. So far, we played the 3 first scenarios with Laurent and the campaign should  end-up mid of July.  Some in game pictures  of both armies will be added to the document for sure!

    I also took the time to modeling some cool stuff such as the Ultra renowned banners from Ian Miller’s Chaos Glyph art works. I created a classy Khorne Altar with the famous Slambo armour on top of skulls pile. To finish an extra Khorne’s hound as domain keeper!

    Download the campaign hury!

    For Ian Miller and Chaos Gods glory!
    Don't mess with Chaos lads
    Khone's Molloch face to Slannesh deamons
    Greenstuff works

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    1. OMG, toutes ces photos rendent complètement honneur au charme de ces vieilles figs tout autant qu'au fantastique boulot de sculpture / peinture effectué dessus. Et j'adore les scénarios, les objectifs, la mise en page, bref tout transpire la passion pour les RoC, une vraie claque !

    2. That stone troll conversion is brilliant!

    3. Amazing stuff. I wish my french was better so I could understand more (VERY rusty highschool french in Canada). What an absolute gem of an hommage project.

    4. Les figurines ici sont tout simplement magnifiques. Stupéfiant. Cheers

    5. Salut Nico! Incroyable travail de sculpture, de conversion, et bien sûr de peinture. Un formidable hommage à toutes ces vieilleries qui nous font du bien à la rétine. J espère que je pourrais vous voir pour la fin des scénarios. Je t appelle ce week end.

    6. quel boulot phénoménal ! bravo !

    7. Thanks for sharing the campaign and bravo for the amazing sculpting job !!!

    8. C'est en effet fantastique Nico ! Le livre de campagne est un sans faute, tes conversions aussi et je ne parle pas de la magnifique bannière de Slaanesh que tu m'as offerte, c'est du très très gros niveau !!! Il me tarde de remettre ça le week end du 6/7 !!