• mardi 24 octobre 2023

    Slaves to Darknes : Khorne Demonic Legion

    Hey! I was slightly brought by my previous works on the World Eater Legion to have fun to have collect and paint some demons units. So, I found a comfortable interest to starting to build a Demonic Legion dedicated to the Blood God, by adding few models to those already collected few months ago. 

    Based on the Slaves to Darkness army list book, I progressively built a standard size force which integrate mortal Champions and Chaos Creatures units. The short terms expectation is to deal with the dear Laurent's (aka Slaanesh child) and his and fearsome legion of perversion minions, in a mighty Realm of Chaos battle between our opposites Chaos legions. 

    The short model range of Chaos Demon of the 80's Catalog don't let to much choice to who want  to pull out of the game with a characterful horde of models. By chance, an inspired guy from the 80's had the talent to create some beauties which are still relevant to the eyes of many lovers of old lead. Steeve Mussared, does tht ring a bell or not? If not, this gentlemen kicked some ass in several White Dwarf Eavy Metal article with his awesome Khorne army. An invaluable source of inspiration for my own project, converted Khorne hound, bony chariot, on-leach hound, ...

    My own contribution to this endless labor of chaos devotion is a personal adding for banner's bearers and colors variations for demonic troopers. In the next post I'll show you some Big guys from Knighmare miniatures range and also some small conversions 

    4 different skins shades

    Steeve Mussared beauties from White Dwarf

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    1. What a fantastic legion you are building here Nico !!! I can't wait to cruuuuush them and enslave them to the Dark prince's throne !!! MOUahahahahahaha
      I am super jealous of your chariot... really really awesome. The champion on Jugger is also incredible, now I am thinking of making more conversions for my army !

    2. Thank you Laurent! Will be a super moment to cruch you as well, hu hu :)

    3. Thank you! I think that I have more good time to sculpt then paint. Cheer!

    4. Your blog is a constant source of learning and personal development for me.

    5. Top Nico! Comme d'habitude, toujours un plaisir de voir tes oeuvres.
      Très bonne idée de faire différentes teintes de couleur, cela change du tout rouge!
      Hâte de voir tout cela en réel 😀😀😀! !!

    6. I'm happy that I found your blog.
      Love this old hammer climate and miniatures :)
      Coloured Dust