• dimanche 7 novembre 2021

    Gaming weekend : W40 000 campaign!

    I ran a quick campaign with Laurent aka Slaanesh Child few days ago, weekend format is my favorite way to deep dive in a gaming trip with friends. Tree interconnected battles with progressive army lists. No heavy campaign rules, just easy peasy (lemon squeezy!) rules to give cool benefits for next battles. Played with the Warhammer 40.000 2nd ed rule set with a large amount of gorgeous Old School RoC models!

    Background : Energies are precious resources for the legions. Dedicated troops are constantly seeking for across the galaxy in order to provide the materials and energies required for endless conflicts. Renegade legions have also to deal with it and my next blogposts going to report the clash between Emperors Children’s and World Eater’s legions.

    The planet where the struggle take place contain plenty of ores which ones are significant sources of energies once refined. Planet residents are specialized in this process, the complexity of the method isn’t accessible the chaotic Marines and the residents will have to be forced to share the riddle of the refining with their invaders.  Unfortunately, for the Renegades, the major part of the inhabitants fled. Both Legions are now on chase to get theirs hands on the last runaways able to run the refining plants.

    First game : On chase!

    During their flee the technical staffs from refineries abandoned precious materials, both legions sent-out scouting platoons to seek those crates full of priceless information.

    Skirmish Battle, 1000pts on 120x120cm table. Multi Objectives game.

    A: World Eaters swooping on their foe
    B: Slaanshies defend their objective
    C: Veterans before
    D: Veterans after they flee in the wrong direction then reaped by the Noise squad
    At the bottom, a Chaos spawn cross the WE tactical unit
    At the right : WE capitain surounded by some friends

    Emperor Children win! This quick game is a perfect campaign appetizer

    Second game : The spaceport

    The precious information collected in the previous scenario oriented the invaders in direction of the spaceport. Indeed, some fleeing engineers reached to late the escape spaceship and stayed abandoned on their own planet. The toughest-ones quickly runaway to new hiding place, the weakest-ones stayed at the spaceport as such prey for the Legions.

    Classic Battle, 2000pts on 180x120cm, Single objective battle.

    A: Emperor Childen tactical squad, Knighmare miniatures beauty
    B: Lot of frenzy troops!
    C: Relentles Terminators with Dreadnaught support
    D: Kill them all!!
    E: I'm well protected behind my gamaing table!
    F: Emperor Children reach the suffuring Engineer first
    G: Somptuous Noise Marines
    H: You won't believe me... The Slaanshy captain survived...

    Drawn! Both sides tried out to pickup the Engineer but none succeeded, the unfortunate Squat ended  stamped by a Juggernaut and a Slaanesh mount. Chaos poetry!

    Last game : Final assault!

    The world Eaters protect the gates of a colossal refining plant from what it seems to be the last assault of their eternal rival. The riddle of refining is lost and none legion have local Engineering support to ran those equipements, the precious refinery must be owned in the name of their respective gods.

    Massive Battle, 6666pts on 240x120pts, Multi Objectives game.

    Deployment overview
    A: All-out assault  !!
    B: Few seconds before the clash 
    C: Summoned Daemons pop on the battlefield
    D: Third Bloodthirster! Emperor Children hold on!
    D: Slaanesh sent his Daemonic minions as well!
    E: What a marvellous Keeper of Secrets!
    F: Daemons battling for an objective
    G: Slaanshies Veterans are going to taste to Bloodletters charge!
    Both Daemon prince struggling in the name of their Patron, draw!

    Skulls for the skull throne! World Earters are on top today and Slaanesh didn't succeded in his plan!

    Such a good weekend! W40K 2nd ed set of rules is good, sometimes a bit heavy for close combat and vehicles damages locations. The overall feeling is good and the pleasure to play with so much great models overweigh any rule/technical drawbacks J Thanks Laurent for the visit!

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    1. A fantastic campaign indeed: congratulations to both (winner and loser) for the quality of the miniatures and for the setting. It is a joy to see your World Eaters on the battlefield! The only scruple we would have after a lot of painting work is that the miniatures get damaged by putting them into play on the table: do you give them a protective varnish?

      1. Hey Rodor! I stopped varnishing since a long time. Especialy since a awful experience with one of my Epic Gargant.

    2. Salut Nico.Cela fait plaisir de voir tes Khorneux à l'oeuvre ! Belles armées, belle table , beaux décors , bonne humeur, WH40k V2, what else?

    3. Tadaaaaammmm that was an awesome campaign indeed. We should have played more small games, they are really interesting. Thank you Nico !!

      1. Lesson learned for the next time 😀 see you Laurent 😀😀

    4. AMAZING stuff!
      Sumptuous visual treats galore!
      Very inspirational as well...

      Where did you find the 'noise marine' playing a harp?

    5. I'm trying to find the words for such awesomeness. Wow, everything is fantastic :O

      1. I admit it was a very good experience, lot of marvellous models...

    6. Excellent - that looks great - I don't remember seeing the rhino before either - very cool and the camouflage looks great.

      1. Ha ha agree, it come from the stone age of Citadel miniatures.

    7. La table de jeu et les décors sont aussi superbes que les armées. Prix spécial Old School pour le schéma de couleurs du rhino, faut remonter vraiment loin pour trouver des photos de rhinos de ce genre dans WD :)

      1. Le pire c'est que c'esg relativement facile à peindre. J'ai bien kiffé 😀

    8. Lovely to see your miniatures in action. I am really enjoying seeing your conversions and painting. You have done some very fine work on them.
      It's given me some motivation and ideas, as well as the impetus to aim higher with my own painting and conversions. Thank you.

      1. You're very welcome Lee. You can be proud of you World Eaters.

    9. 6k points en V2, les malades ^^

      Chapeau bas messieurs

      1. La V2 c'est bien pour du 2 ou 3k pts. Au delà c'est vrai que ça devient dure dure. Au plaisir 😀