• mercredi 17 janvier 2018

    Landsknecht Gnomes

    Hello, here is a new dimension for my Landsknecht Dwarf army, a Gnome unit. They are considered as a « Rank and File » choice of the Dwarf army list (3rd ed). Citadel edited some gnomes in the mid 80’s, they’re pretty rare and I never found the courage to collect them.
    So, when I discovered the Alpine Gnomes Kick Starter of Jamie Loft last year, I naturally backed the project. Miniatures are funny, many postures, special characters, wounded Gnome. Size and style match with my Dwarves.

    For me, Alpine Gnome refer to the “Swiss mercenaries”, embarrassing thing when you build a Landsknecht army (bitter enemies during the Renaissance era). Therefore, to increase the “Landsknecht style” of my new Gnome unit, I added some feathers on their hats and I painted them with a festival colors as properly. The final touch is the traditional colored banners of the Holy Roman Empire.
    Size comparison

    8 commentaires:

    1. Hmmm, pas fan des figurine, mais ta peinture est toujours aussi réjouissante :)

      1. On va dire que c'est dans la continuité des Dixons Miniatures :)

    2. Marvelous looking little fellows! I love them!

    3. C'est assez surprenant je m'attendais pas à ça. Mais ça s'insère très bien avec le reste !

    4. Salut et merci :) Je suis assez satifait de l'homogeneité malgré les différentes tailles de figurines.

    5. I sculpted the gnomes; and it was an absolute pleasure to see how you had painted them up. It made me quite happy. :)

    6. Hello Byron :) Thank you very much :) Your Gnomes are really cool to paint, you have nicely understand the Old school sculpt style. I love :)
      Today I will post a new message concerning the Gnome Artillery