• mercredi 5 juillet 2017

    EuroBowl 2017 : Wood Elf team France

    Today an uncommon work for me, I was commissioned for paint a Blood Bowl team for the EuroBowl 2017. So ... Commissioned works are not really my cup of tea but in my local club we currently host a nice guy named Clement0 who's the Blood Bowl French champion 2016 (NAF).

    He participate to the EuroBowl 2017 at Porto and he looking for a painter to work on his Wood Elf team, he enjoy my work and after some beers (I'm weak) I accept to work for him :) His best argument was to purpose me to work on a 2nd ed Elf team, probably one of the best sculpted during this era. Keep an eye on the blog Treeman comming soon.

    I hope this team bring him all the luck he need to win !! TEAM FRANCE GO GO GO !!


    Test match against the Fearsome Ratskins

    16 commentaires:

    1. Cocoricoooo !

      Il me semble que ça me dit qqchose. ^^
      Superbe !

    2. Oui effectivement, les mêmes couleurs mais pa sur les mêmes zones :) Pas trop de difficultés :)

    3. Superbe équipe et superbes figurines. Talent et bon goût dans un même bateau !

    4. Absolutely gorgeous! A striking scheme and the markings on the bases is an idea I shall be stealing for sure!

      1. Thank you :) The marking on the base idea come from here http://leadunderthebed.blogspot.fr/search/label/tutorial Pretty easy to make :)

    5. Très sympas, ces elfes français !
      Espérons que ta superbe peinture leur attirera les faveurs de Nuffle ! ^^

    6. Oui j'espère aussi que ça permettra à l'équipe de France de gagner ce titre d'Europe qui leur échappe depuis si longtemps :) Et merci pour le commentaire :)

    7. Wonderful job. Old-school goodness.

    8. Yep Oldschooooool :) thank you :)

    9. Hi and thank you :) Next work is the Treeman to finish the team.