• vendredi 19 février 2016

    Generosity or sport business?

    Today, I am going to tell you of a surprising story … A story of generosity in the ruthless world of BloodBowl. It concerning my Orc team, since the beginning of the league (in my club) my Boyz vegetates in bottom of ranking but the truths shame for me it is miserable score of only 5 casualties! And for a good reason, I have no money to buy a Troll to my team. A real drama for my boyz!!Troll's absence is really the reason of this bad score? I don’t know but this situation moved a lot of people in my club.
    I give you explanation, some coachs of the league showed an interest to possess a marker "stunned / prone" identical to mine. The crowd (or I…) suggested to selling markers to finance the purchase of a Troll. After a long discussion with the commissioner of league (in fact, my first customer) he authorized me to issue an appeal to donations. Only 10.000gc for a marker and 20.000gc for a painted marker. In a few hours I reached the sum of 110.000po and I been able to buy my Troll. Nice business, no? Sorry... Nice story, no?

    8 markers ordered : 3 painted and 5 unpainted. To realise them, I created an original and I produced  a mould in green  stuff.

    6 commentaires:

    1. Nice. Le sport professionnel est (ahem) un milieu plein d'entraides et de supports entre les clubs après tout ;-)

      1. Salut!! Merci pour ton commentaire. Les bonnes actions ont fait places salles coups! Depuis hier soir, mon Troll est wanted : 150.000po pour celui qui le tue...

    2. Sweet story Nico. Glad you got your troll, and I dont play blood bowl....yet, but those are some very cool markers. ;)