• mercredi 30 juillet 2014

    Battle report : Epic week end !

    Hi, today I share with you two games I played againts Sir Patatovitch this month. More a pics report than a standard Battle report... I hope you enjoy the sceneries and the armies.

    First battle : 3000pts Epic Armageddon rules

    The first game is a classic battle between Orks and the Imperial Guards, we added specials objectifs to link this battle to the next game. The two armies looking to find in these ruined city the Bogdanork twins Igor and Grichka, these two "scientist" Orks are totally disoriented after an orbital bombardment on their bunker, both twins derive at the beginning of every turn. The faction which capture them will have the initiative for the next game.

    The Imperial Guard army From Omphalia of Patatovitch
    The Orks mob of Nico 
    The Battlefield
    Imperial guard advance
    Orks advance in the ruined city
    After they break the unit of Warhounds, my Blitz Brigade was exterminated
    by the courageous Mounted Guards
    On the other side of the battlefield, my bis Orks  Mob prepare it assault
    against a building hold by an Imperial Guard company  
    General view of the battlefield
    A mechanized company from Omphalia
    The mechanized company resist to the combined shots
    of the Stompa and the Mekboy Gargant
    The Imperial Guards try a last assault against the BadMoonz Orks.

    The Imperium win the battle but every faction captured a twin "scientist",  It's not enough to give the initiative for the next game....

    Second battle : 5000pts Epic Armageddon rules

    For me, this is THE battle of the week end. Indeed, I always wanted to play an Epic game only with Titans in the style of Adeptus Titanicus. With Patatovitch we immediately agreed on the interest of this kind of battle, so much on the pleasure to play that for the pleasure of our eyes.
    Morning Star Legion of Patatovich
    Ork Gargant Big Mob of Nico
    General view of the battlefield.
    Gems around the Titan bases represent their shields.
    Marvelous sceneries of Pierre Yves (Mac Minatures)

    We played 6 turns in 3 hours, that relatively fast for an Epic Armageddon game. Major Victory for Titan Legion, Warlords are really powerfull in assault compared to the great Gargants. The Orks  managed to blow up two Warlords reactors but that's not enough to discouraging the Imperium!!

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    1. Another gorgeous battle report Nico, well done indeed. Ever thought of putting a G+ gadget or similar on your blog I would love to share posts like this?

    2. Wonderful stuff! Beautifully painted armies and great reporting. Keep it up.

    3. Really nice looking forces and terrain. Good to see a great game getting a bit of play.

    4. Top battle mate!
      Am loving those Titans....I'd thought I'd done well doing six...now I feel inadequate; I think I have titan envy!!

    5. Wow - beautiful looking games and interesting to see a Titan only battle!

      1. Yep !! Titan Battle is an other way to play Epic Armageddon. Good gaming for BOYL14 !!

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    6. Oh, sir! This. Is. Awesome! Absolutey amazing stuff, love the vibe and what you did there.

    7. Thank you suber !!! I admit that I keep a very good souvenir from these two games !!

    8. Beautiful work as ever the terrain looks perfect. Thanks for your banner tutorial as well I finally bit the bullet and finished my skaven BSB. Although it pales in comparison to yours it's pretty damn fine por moi.

    9. being a huge fan of adeptus titanicus , it is nice to see some titan action in epic scale, and on a beautiful gaming board.

    10. First time for us to play only with Titans .... I recommend it to all 6mm Battles fans.


    11. looks like a good battle. i like the use of gems as shield markers. they look appropriate.

    12. Yep gems are visual !! Thanks for comment mate :)