• jeudi 16 mai 2013

    Battle Report : The last stand.

    Today an Epic battle report between  Imperial Guard and Orks, the confrontation take place on the ruins of a small Imperial capital on Golgatha III.
    The green horde acculate Humans troops, Commissars mention an increase of desertions acts who requires many exemplary punishments.
    The weak moral of the Imperial Guard and the construction of a new Gargant make trustful the Big Boss Ork… Maybe too much, indeed, the Boss seems forget “La Garde meurt mais ne se rend pas!”
    First turn, Titan Reaver is under fire but stay alive in the center of the battlefield, others units move to prepare assaults .
    Second turn, Mekboy Gargant is routed by a blast of the Shadow Swords, Orks engage many closes combats but it’s inssufisant to break the Guards army. It smell no good for Orks.

    Third turn, Impérial Guard decimates the last Orks units with theirs longue distance weapons, the horde is entirely rout. “Vive l’empereur”
    Imperial Guard army  of Abdé my enemy of the day

    My Ork army and his dreaded Chassas Squadrons
    Initial deployment
    First Turn and the Titans Battle
    Second Turn
    Third turn, Ork army is routed.

    5 commentaires:

    1. Oh yeah, it's so great to see these Epic minis in action!
      Made me jealous: don't think this game was ever popular where I live =/

      1. Hi Demi,
        Thank for comments.
        Epic gameplay is marvelous, rules are easy to learn, like Bloodbowl... It's a must have game :)Unfortunately players are hard to find, I agree with you :(

    2. Viens au Havre tu auras des joeurs ;)

    3. Absolutely great! Looks like you had fun :)
      I loved Epic, it's been ages since I don't play, seeing things like these make me want to take it back :)

      1. Hey Suber, thank you :)
        An army is a small investisment for money and paint... TRY ;)