• dimanche 14 avril 2013

    Battle report : Blood on the plain.

    Today I'll show you a battle where you can find an opposition between two different styles, a full daemons army dedicated to Khorne against a populous horde of Chaos Ratmen.
    The battlefield is situated on a plain between two Imperial villages where folks are just decimated by mysterious poison, this traditional Chaos Ratmen tactic is a preamble to an important invasion into the man-think realm. But Skaven Clans of this horde practices the decapitation of corpses, this infamous method was interpreted like an offence by the Chaos God of Skulls. The heads of these human are his property, nobody can take them without paying the price of blood.
    My Skaven army is built around the Screaming Belt unit, I hide all my heroes inside this unit. I protect this command unit with a wall of populous Slaves and Clanrats units. Rest of army is a mix of shooting, charges redirectors and Hammers units.
    A Daemonic army is an horrific vision, specifically when is a Khorne Legion. Bloodthirster and Juggers are fast and highly dangerous in close combat, they can easily impact my line at the second turn. Rest of army is also nightmarish …

    A word on my adversary of the day, “finarfin”.  A thirsty year enthusiastic  Citadel collector, gamer and painter. Like many other (and me), his period of predilection is the Realm of chaos era. It’s always a pleasure of being able to discuss with somebody who shares same passion also intensely…
    Initial deployement.
     The army of the Blood God.
    The horde of the Great Horned Rat,
     Gutter Runners and a unit of Hell Hounds are deployed with Scout and Ambush capacity.
    1st turn :  Khorne army go ahead.
     Stand and shoot is the only option for Chaos Ratmen.
     First event of the battle, Bloodthirster go back in his realm after a combined attack of the Jezzails, Globadiers and Gutter runners. 
     Positions at the end of the first turn.
     Second turn, the battle begin.
     After a good close combat against the Juggers, Rat Ogres finally root face to a combined attack of Bloodletters and Ass Cannon.
    2nd event of the Battle, destruction of the most part of the Bloodletters unit. The dreaded 13th spell, 21 wounds with no save of any kind.
      Hell Hounds approach dangerously my war machines.

    Third turn, Rat Ogres back and slain the Cannon. The khorne army is decimated.
    Hell Hounds arrived too late on Jezzail.
    Close up on this awesome Battle Standard and unit.

    17 commentaires:

    1. Un étalage magnifique, Monsieur! Vous êtes un maître de l'art!

    2. The old school stnadards on display are magnificent. Lovely looking armies. Great stuff.

    3. Wow, just amazing, hope you can bring some of your armies to the oldhammer weekend now you are coming. Aesthetically nobody tops the French it seams.

    4. Hi guys!! Thanks for comments :)
      I don't know how armies I take to Foundry Shop but transport will be a real nightmare !!
      How many players can participated to the Oldhammer Day?

    5. Just great! Truly enjoyable report! Looks like you have a lot of fun! :)

    6. A piece of (vintage) art!

      LOVE that good old "Gaze into the eye..." skaven banner.

    7. Redraw this banner was a real pleasure, thanks for comments.

    8. Fantastic - a real visual treat!

      Good to see the old card stock watch tower in amongst all that chaotic goodness!

    9. Two beautiful armies, what a great deal of eye candy, it must have been a sumptuous game to play. I do very much like the old bloodletters.

    10. I am finarfin, the opponent, and Nico's army is really nice looking, picture's dont give true justice !
      It's very rare to meet an other collector with a full army, not only a few pieces, and share the same passion of 80s spirit.
      Realm of chaos is a torturous period for chaos and their release, I wish there was a bit more collectors !

      I'm sure we'll have other occasions to play although the distance :) i have other armies to display !!!

    11. Yes Bloodletters are superb. A great battle play against finarf.
      Next time I take my Chaos Horde :)

    12. Both armies are a real joy to see. I want them both for my own collection!