• lundi 22 mai 2023

    World Eaters : Khornates Legionnaires part Three (final)

    Hi ! Here we are, 5 months of works to finish those 8 lads. Regarding the paint job, tThe big challenge was to manage the brass color(s) which cover Juggernaut’s bodies. Brass/Gold/Bronze are not so easy to paint and the final result can disappointing if using the wrong process. Oxidation as well, I applied two variants of oxidation colors : Greenish and blueish version. Mainly to provide a plurality in the color scheme and avoid redundancies. Might be to the detriment of the ‘standard’ Vert-de-gris color ton but it bring a bit of Daemonic fantasy in the whole unit . Riders are in regular WE colors in order to keep a link with the remaining part of the legion. Banners are in Green/Blue/Purple/pink tones to counter balance with the other colors of the model.

    Chaos Legionnaires Lore

    Legionnaires are mortals chosen, often at the point of the death, to serve their chaos god in a direct fashion. They are maintained by arcane magics in endless, undying glory. The ‘legendary heroes’ of Chaos, they fight and die in huge numbers , yet can rise from the dead in a single night , protected by their dark master’s awesome power. The once-mortal Legionnaires become arrogant, disdainful of other in the service of chaos. They start secure in the knowledge that they have been specially chosen end granted pleasures beyond their dreams. But as the centuries of death and rebirth stretch into millennia, doubts seep into the minds of the Legionnaires. Their existence is a purposeless one, doomed to death and subservience , the future merely another battle to be fought. The Chaos gods , however , do not care. The Legionnaires are trapped in a endless cycle of battle, death and rebirth, tied to their god and theirs empty pleasures.

    Legionnaires are well supported by Khorne's minions

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    1. This is most glorious by all accounts. Awesome work from the beginning to the end

    2. Quel boulot ! admiratif (même si je n'aime pas du tout ces space marines du chaos :p )

    3. These are phenomenal! Wonderful models and incredible painting, you've really done the Blood God proud!

    4. Ça faisait un moment que je n'avais pas eu le temps de passer ici, je m'en suis encore mis plein les mirettes avec tout ça !

      Rien que ceux de cet article, ton boulot est fou et je ne connaissais même pas ces figurines.