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    WHFB Scenario : Pitch invasion (part Three)

    As developed in de last part, both supporters factions have some troops hidden in the locker room. These troops work hard to build some secret (and powerful) weapons to help their favorite team to win. Before the game begins, the Game Master describes secretly to every teams what hidden troops they have but keep secret when they arrive on the battle field.
    This is the job of the GM to manage the arrival of these small units on the battle field. Every turns, a new unit arrives on the pitch to create the rhythm of the game.  The second effect is the “suspense” every turns the GM plunge his hands in his miniatures case, players hold their breath, it’s a good or a bad surprise for us? Very exciting for the players and the GM!
    Raiders hidden supporters
    Ratskins hidden supporters

    Non player characters
    These troops are played only by the GM. They counterbalance the game when a faction is too lucky or when players are more experimented then the other  players team. The security stadium troops are optional, function of the game … But Referees team is Obligatory J The human and the dwarf referees are weak and generally slaughtered in the first turns of the game but the giant referee….  Galak Starscrapper is the stronger creature on the battlefield. He arrives in the last part of the game to add pressure and restore some punch to the game rhythm.  This is the final surprise of the scenario and generally players are little bit scared J

    Security stadium troops
    Referees team

    Galak Starscraper's Background (Star player from 1st Blood Bowl ed)
    Galak is Gurk Cloudscraper's BIG brother, an unusually intelligent giant (which isn't saying much, since he's still pretty dumb) who has loved Blood Bowl since he was knee-high to an Ogre. Sadly, as he grew up he found opponents became less and less keen to play against him, until he eventually had to retire. However, his love of the game just would not go away, and one day he came up with an inspired idea. Striding out into the desert, he trapped a herd of zebra in a canyon. After 3 days of skinning, sewing, and cursing, he returned to civilization in his new stripy suit as the world's first giant Nuffle Amorical Football (NAF) referee.
    Galak's inability to control his temper when several players gang up on one player has led to numerous calls that he be barred from refereeing. Unfortunately, Galak finds it equally difficult to control his temper when so accused, leading to several very flat and very dead investigating committees.
    Next part is the final part. I played this scenario Three times has GM and I will sum up with lot of pictures the different games with friends of mine. Final part tomorrow.


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