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    Realms Of Chaos battle report : Track in the Chaos Wastes

    The struggles between the gods of chaos are permanent and the battles which they deliver are the theatre of confrontations, where their champions are challenged  for the glory of their Master, the rewards are numerous and of all forms, often incomprehensible for the human but always for serving Chaos.

    Chaos Gods are perpetually challenged by other divinities, less powerful but animated by a thirst for glory without limits. The confrontations which result from these challenges are lead by the rituals of wars which define the places and the conditions which will govern the confrontation. The divinities of Chaos take a great care  to observe these battles, the rituals of wars are agreed to give to the gods an interesting spectacle.

    The Chaos Wastes abound of all kinds of strange battle fields, in these places, time and space have no rule and no reference. The hordes of servants are sent on these lands of misfortunes by their divinity, who enjoy to see them wandering in search of their rivals.

    The battle which follows is a face-to-face between two hordes meeting after days of walk and tracking on the Chaos Wastes. These two armies are formed in columns and will have to hastily organize it in order to achieve their task expected so much.

    I really enjoy to play skirmish games like Realm of Chaos (or other), but sometimes it’s really good for me to play a big game full of old lead… Here, I play against my annual opponent Finarfin.

    With a large battle, a complicated scenario can handicap the gameplay, this is why, I simply modified the deployment phase. To represent the unexpected meeting of the two armies in column formation, The generals deploy (alternatively) their units following orders defined secretly before the battle. The presence of Gods on the battlefield is symbolized by using the Chaos gifts card from the fourth edition. Lastly, to reinforce the fact that we play on the chaos waste, it's possible that some Chaos monsters can be attracted on the battlefield by the noise of the combats.
    Finarfin Nurgle horde supported by four Legionnaires of
    Khorne and lead by a Chthonian Daemon of Nurgle. 
    The challenger horde dedicated to the whole Chaos supported
     by Chaos Dwarf and their war machines. The army is lead by
    a Prince Daemon.
    The possible encounters during the battle.
    Initial positions on the battle field.
    The disturbing army of Finarfin
    The trolls and their magnificent vomit (without saving throw).
    Chaos Dwarfs and their war machines.
    Amazing Nurgle Altar
    Chaos warrior Hold their positions
    My sorcerer is protected by his unit of acolytes
    Charge of Nurgle army !
    My Chaos Knights Hold theirs position againt a mounted Chaos
    Lord and the Trolls (at this moment I forgotten the troll vomit)
    The first important moment, my Knights and my Army banner
    are slain, the Trolls are finally destroyed by my
    Prince daemon (fire breath gift is my friend).
    The center of battlefield is saturated by the roarings
    of pains and furies.
    The second moment of the Battle, My minotaurs flee after a defeat
    against their counterparts, a Chaos chariot and a dragon Ogre
    The Légionnaires and the Chthonian Daemon waiting the good
    moment to charge.
    The third moment of the battle, I failled my Leadership test
    with my beastment unit!! The Legionnaires slain them until
    the last one.
    An other Epic combat !!
    Marvelous Thugs of Finarfin.
    My Cannon is charged by an unexpected Chimera
    Chaos Dwarfs make their job !!
    This Nurgle Champion finally return on the battlefied
    after his Cosmic duel.
    And to blessed him, Daddy Nurgle transform him in spawn !!
    I love this beastman !!
    It was once again a beautiful battle, where the poetry of the  combat phases was pushed to its paroxysm. The Champion de Nurgle proved their power to their Master, they will be rewarded.
    The Chaos gifs cards are always so funny to play.
    And don't forget, We are legion!!


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    1. A stunning set of armies there! Rarely do you see that many models painted to such high standards. I'm very jealous ;)

      1. You right !! I had the same feeling when I seen all the models on the gaming board !!

    2. Beautiful armies and an action packed report. Wonderful stuff!

    3. By far, the best painted & crafted armies I have ever seen!

      Could you do some posts about the converted models? They look fantastic!

      Cheers Nico :)

      1. Hi the One, you talking about the Nurgle converted models?

      2. Yes, that is a really interesting conversion.


      3. Yes I 'm agree with you, the original painter have stop the "hobby" but you can see other pics of his armies here http://slaaneshchild.jimdo.com/

      4. Wow! I just spent the past few hours going through his website. It's filled with fantastic miniatures.

        It's a shame he's stopped painting.

        Thanks for sharing the link Nico :)

    4. Les deux armees sont superbes! Je suis impressionne, et legerement jaloux ;-)

      1. probablement autant jaloux que moi... De tes rapports de batailles du Premier Empire :)

      2. Haha touche!

        Si un jour tu visites Montreal, je nous organise une mega-baston avec plaisir!

      3. Merci :) Idem pour toi si tu visites un jour la France er que tu passes dans l'Est... On se fera une grosse partie sans problème ;)

    5. Je reconnais les figs du Chaos, c'est celle de Slaanesh qui a arrêté de jouer ! :)

      1. Oui tu as raison, ce sont les figurines de Laurent qui a quitté le monde de la figurine il y a presque 3 ans maintenant... C'est amusant car ça ne m'empêche pas de continuer à jouer contre ses figurines :) A+ Nico

    6. Thank you all for your Wow comments, I played a fantastic battle with Finarfin and i'm really happy to share it with others Oldhammerers !!


    7. Outstanding work gents, the armies look gorgeous and the over all spectacle is eyewateringly brilliant!

    8. Ça fait plaisir de les revoir !
      C'est toi qui a récupéré le Spinned Dragon ? Je lui avais échangé contre d'autres trucs, donc c'est cool s'il sert !
      Et Gloire à Lolo, ce mec est adorable ! Quand il avait lâché 40K, il m'avait filé tous ses WordBearers ! (Smiley qui n'en revient toujours pas...)

    9. C'est Julien (Finarfin) qui a récupéré la partie Nurgle (WHFB) dont le Spined... le reste a disparu dans les limbes des collectionneurs anonymes...
      Gloire à Lolo !!

    10. Tout simplement énorme, les armées du chaos de Laurent sont une de mes principales sources de motivation/inspiration, tout comme lui j'inclus joyeusement dans mes troupes figurines cthuloïdes et autres. Une table de rêve qui incarne vraiment la notion de chaos, loin des troupes aseptisées/clonées dont GW nous gratifie désormais...

      1. L'univers de Cthulhu et ses monstres sont une source inépuisable pour qui collectionne le Chaos, j'ai dans l'idée d'utilisée des figurines RAFM pour les démons de mon propre culte (Démon classique sans marque)
        Sinon, comme tu le soulignes les créations de Laurents restent une source d'inspiration pour de nombreux collectionneurs, moi le premier :)

    11. Salut,

      Une partie de pur plaisir, des figs oldies de chaque côté et un joueur super cool. J'ai d'ailleurs pu voir en vrai les figs de Nico, encore mieux que sur les photos.

      Des parties comme celle ci, j'en referais bien plus souvent :)

    12. These pictures...
      Just sweet!!! Beautiful collection!!!

    13. Glorious looking armies, what collections! I liked the cracked eadth gaming mat too, where did you get that?

      1. Hi Mr Saturday, mats are produced by a friend, They are print on marine flag tissue,

    14. Beautiful Nico, and a wonderful achievement.

    15. Amazing Nico, just amazing. Please pass these sentiments on to finarfin too, for he deserves much credit.

    16. Thank you all for your so nice comments.

    17. It's a joy to see such lovely painted armies made largely from the pieces I remember so nostalgically from my own early days in this wonderful hobby. Thank you for sharing your work.

      1. Same feelling for me, that's why I loce to collect old Citadel lead... Nostalgia.
        By Nico

    18. C'est excellent! L'orque mes travaux seront terminés je m'y remets :)

    19. Quand est ce que tu nous monte une table Oldhammer au Crisis?!? ;)

    20. C'est pas l'envi qui me manque :) Mais cette année par exemple je ne pourrai pas y aller :(
      A++ Nico