• lundi 11 juin 2012

    'Ere we go !! Epic Armageddon.

    Today I show you my Snakebite clan,  a very large epic range to build a clan full of character ... Wildboyz, Goretboyz, Squiggoths...

    I use Goretboyz as Warbikes or Boyz. Squiggoths as chariots. No Gretchins stands but Snotlings stands !! Nurglings mob to represent them.


    2 commentaires:

    1. Hi!

      Awesome work as always! You managed to make 6mm scale look like 15mm scale!

      All the best!

    2. Woww cool comment :) thanks ... Orks tanks, rockets, Dreads, Forteresses and Gargants coming soon... I hope you enjoy! Bye Nico