• vendredi 5 octobre 2012

    'Ere we go !! Epic Armageddon.

    Here is one of my both Great-Gargants from Adeptus Titanicus range...  I love them because they have a rather distinctive general shape compared to current gargants. Their bodies are in resin and the rest in metal.

    Today it is Gork head, Ripper fist and Snapper with Evil Sunz style... Next time it's Head of Mork head, Battle cannon and Gut Buster with Bad Moonz colors.

    Gargants are build like idols, representions of the Orks gods. Their carcasses are decorated with flames and glyphs. To catch the eye of the gods, a banner of clan comes to throne at the summit of each of these metal giants.

    7 commentaires:

    1. Thats a lovely paintjob on a classic sculpt! They have so much more character than the newer ones and its great to see it painted to such a fantastic standard!

      All the best!

    2. Toujours aussi bon...! Très beaux étendards, 100% free hand ?

    3. Merci Venom !! :)
      La bannière c'est un dessin au crayon de papier mis en couleur avec de la peinture Citadel... J'ai un tuto dans le tiroir... Pour bientôt ;)

    4. Lovely - always liked the snapper as a weapon!