• dimanche 21 octobre 2012

    'Ere we go !! Epic Armageddon.

    Badmoonz Great Gargant, Yellow / black contrast always good recipe, green for Ork Idol aspect and finally red touches for the cohesion with the rest of my army.
    I added some battle damages on the carcass to give a more "realistic" style...


    By Jes Goodwin

    9 commentaires:

    1. I love the colors and the fine detail work. It gives great value to your miniatures. Impressive!

    2. Very very nice indeed. Is that the old resin Gargant?

    3. Thanks all :)
      Yes it's the first one Gargant in resin.
      Adeptus Titanicus era...

    4. Wow! That is truly gorgeous! Well done.