• samedi 23 mars 2019

    Space Hulk : Terminators - First Squad

    Hello, today a quick up date of my current Space Hulk project. I collected these RT Terminators easilly compared to the RT metal Genestealers, lot of gamers have them in their leadpile and it's very easy to find them on the Trading FB pages at fair price. Two squads of 5 marines, one squad of 3 Grey Knights and one Deamon Hunter.

    The armors of these Terminators are not marked by chapter icon, so the first step for me was to add some stuff to identfy them as Blood Angels Marines. I sculpted and copied some Blood Angels icons from the current plastic range with grennstuff stamp to decorate the armor of my Marines.

    Concerning the painting, I was very inspired by an article of the White Dwarf 139, this article show a Blood Angels army composed by Andy Chambers et  painted by Tim Prow. Attractive pictures and colors ... The Terminators squad is awesome, I love the banner and the caracteristic red orange color from the early 90's.
    Next step : Build my own 3D Space Hulk! In 4 weeks !

    lundi 11 mars 2019

    WHFB Campaign : L'Empire en Flammes

    I prepare the next meeting of the French OldSchool Lovers at the Oldhammer Day in May 2019. So, my current Space Hulk project is planned to be presented during this event but I planned to run a WHFB campaign too. I will manage this campaign as GM and I share today some stuff I produce for It.  

    I named this campaign “L’Empire en flammes” and I hope that remind some good things for the RP Gamers who read this words. I created it with all the things I cumulated during the several campaigns I managed in clubs. I talking about the rules and models of course but I talking about management experience I acquire too! This campaign involve 2 groups of 3 players during 2 days. I used the Mighty Empires core rules (2nd ed) with additions and some transformations. And we play our games with WHFB 3rd ed rules.

    This campaign take place in the Empire territory during an invasion leaded by an Alliance of Chaotic Lords, they are opposed to the union of the last Defenders of the Empire. This incursion was stopped by the cold winter and the snow of the mountain passes. Only some territories separate the belligerents.  Now, the assumption of the spring coming and every Warlords prepare to lead their army for the next season of battle!

    I was very inspired by the map of the Empire. I applied an hexagons filter on it to obtain this 3D map. I sculpted some markers for the Equinox spells and I copied some Mighty Empires models with Bluestuff molds. I’m always pleased to discover how the players love to play with these markers, particulary when they produce money to increase their troops for the next battle J I swapped the original Mighty Empire Dragon by a Man O War Hight Elves Dragon. I found it on ebay without wings to buy it cheaper. But It obliged me to sculpt it new wings.

    The initial situation

    A last word (advise) for peoples who want to run a campaign. In my opinion, there is nothing sadder than a campaign without end. The most important thing for a good campaign is to finish it with a realistic deadline. No matter how it finish, the campaign must finish! And this is the job of the GM!
    See you later for the battle report of the campaign!

    mardi 26 février 2019

    Space Hulk : Genestealer

    Only 3 references compose the metal collection of the first generation of Genestealers. Theses metal models are somptuous especially the models with the slotta arms. Unfortunaltely, they are difficult to find on the EU collection market. Generally supplanted by the same models with the butt arms. It is suspected the arms were changed as the slotta arms used to break off the tab very easily in use. Note that an unreleased stealer was seen in the White Dwarf magazine and the Space Hulk advertisings.

    An infested corridor

    Slotta arms models
    Slotta arms
    Butt arms models
    Butt arms

    The unreleased Stealer model

    I collected 15 of these metal models but only two of them have the slotta arms, so I converted the others and I swapped the butt arms by the plastics arms from the sprues of the original box. I slightly changed the orientation of the thumb to accentuate the claw effect as the metal slatta arms.
    Plastic sprue from the first SH box

    I Converted a last genestealer in an hybrid version with heavy weapon. His legs come from a Chaos Sorcerer. The back of the pictures is the prototype of my scratchbuilding and/or kitbashing 3D Space Hulk walls.
    Hybrids love Beamer weapons

    vendredi 1 février 2019

    Space Hulk

    New project around one of the most popular board game of the galaxy, the timeless Space Hulk! Like Blood Bowl, Space Hulk is constantly re edited for the delight of their fans. And there is no doubt about of the quality of the models and the materials level up at every new edition.
    But I remain true to my first love, the first edition. I remember the advertising in the White Dwarf magazine… very effective marketing in deed! So I researched in my WD collection all these elements who are etched on my memories.  Articles, pictures, models, vignettes and sketches.

    I will posted a serie of articles about my project around this game, for the moment ... here come the White Dwarf pictures ! Caution! This blog post can be very contagious… pun Inside!



    The early Space Hulk 3D, before HirstArt molding or the printed 3D technologies. I love these oblique walls, probably inspired by the design of the tiles. These gaming tables are show at the Gamesdays 90, 91 and 92. They use 40x40mm square bases to build the grid. Could you see how the kids are absorbed by the games!

    Next post will be dedicated to the Genestealers faction!

    jeudi 24 janvier 2019

    Genestealer Cult Hybrid Ogryn

    Hi! Last post for my infected warband. An uncommun fella to add support the coven, the Hybrid Ogryn! This model was sketched by the talented Mr Starday's Mumblings and was sculpted by the Great Bob Olley. It seems to be a private commission, other models was created for the occasion and you can find pictures and comments about that on the JB Blog!

    This is the moment for the familly picture! I was well inspîred by this famous illustration of the 80's. Games Workshop used it many times, as cover for WD 114, as cover for the Space Hulk campaign book, and others... I love the way of the Magus give the direction to his cultists with his hand, he release his infected dogs... Emblematic!