• vendredi 1 février 2019

    Space Hulk

    New project around one of the most popular board game of the galaxy, the timeless Space Hulk! Like Blood Bowl, Space Hulk is constantly re edited for the delight of their fans. And there is no doubt about of the quality of the models and the materials level up at every new edition.
    But I remain true to my first love, the first edition. I remember the advertising in the White Dwarf magazine… very effective marketing in deed! So I researched in my WD collection all these elements who are etched on my memories.  Articles, pictures, models, vignettes and sketches.

    I will posted a serie of articles about my project around this game, for the moment ... here come the White Dwarf pictures ! Caution! This blog post can be very contagious… pun Inside!



    The early Space Hulk 3D, before HirstArt molding or the printed 3D technologies. I love these oblique walls, probably inspired by the design of the tiles. These gaming tables are show at the Gamesdays 90, 91 and 92. They use 40x40mm square bases to build the grid. Could you see how the kids are absorbed by the games!

    Next post will be dedicated to the Genestealers faction!

    jeudi 24 janvier 2019

    Genestealer Cult Hybrid Ogryn

    Hi! Last post for my infected warband. An uncommun fella to add support the coven, the Hybrid Ogryn! This model was sketched by the talented Mr Starday's Mumblings and was sculpted by the Great Bob Olley. It seems to be a private commission, other models was created for the occasion and you can find pictures and comments about that on the JB Blog!

    This is the moment for the familly picture! I was well inspîred by this famous illustration of the 80's. Games Workshop used it many times, as cover for WD 114, as cover for the Space Hulk campaign book, and others... I love the way of the Magus give the direction to his cultists with his hand, he release his infected dogs... Emblematic!

    lundi 21 janvier 2019

    Genestealer Cult Coven Limousine

    Nothing is free in life! With the exception of the Limousines for your Genestealer Cult. You can equip your Coven by up to 3 Limo for no point cost... Old armies lists charms!
    Unfortunatly,  Citadel miniatures never provided its range of this type of vehicle. Only one advice to help you : "You can use 1/43 die cast models..."  
    If you have some difficulties to find these die cast vehicles, you can check the web site of Wargame Exclusive. They purpose a sumptuous Armored Coven Limo on Antigrav. Very inspired by the illustration in the old army list, what more could you ask for?

    samedi 12 janvier 2019

    Genestealer Cult

    I start the new year with a skirmish warband of Genestealer cultist ... without intention of build a whole army. Mix of old and new Citadel models and few Broodbrothers from Macrocosm miniatures. Still an Hybrid Ogryn to paint and a coven Limo. 
    I'm slowly seduced by a chaos alliance... I try to resist but it's not an easy task!

    vendredi 14 décembre 2018

    The Road warrior event!

    After Two months of modelling and painting works, I finally wargaming the last scene of the Road Warrior movie. I worked hard on the project but you can trust me, I find lot of satisfaction at every stage of the development.

    It will be a crime to play this game as the classic way, quickly or without before/after meeting moments. So, I organised and planned early in the process a special “Road Warrior night event” at my local wargame club to share and wargaming my passion for the movie. I focused on Dead Line and I organised my time to paint the models, create the gaming table, the scenario and prepared some training rules sessions with my usual gaming friends.

    To increase the immersion in the Mad Max world and help my partners to reach my enthusiam for the movie. I organised the viewing of the movie on huge screen at the club before the game. Armschairs, sofas, beers, popcorn and pizzas… Difficult to do better for a gaming introduction don’t you think?

    Viewing the Road Warrior before wargaming it! What's better?

    I used the Gaslands rules to running this game but the principal element of this scenario is the way to play with the board of the table game. I was very inspirited by “Thunder Road (Le Survivant)” games from the MB range of the 80’s.  The table game consists of three pieces (Boards) of highway and when the Truck exits the front piece of highway, the back piece is placed in front (after dumping all the wrecks and slowpokes off of it). By this simple way, you obtain an endless highway, essential to play a chase in the wasteland.

     The opposing forces are built to be closer of the movie. The Tanker Truck have additional hull points, a ram and some Molotov cocktails. The Gyrocopter drop lot of good things on the opponent cars. And the Humungus Truck have several Nitro Boost. The Marauders crew can jump on the Tanker to remove his Hull points.  No more specials  rules to facilitate the gameplay.

    Last chase scene of the Road Warrior movie

    In game pictures
    The gaming table

    Initial set up

    The chase begin!

    When the Truck exits the front board of highway, the back piece is placed in front

    The Gyrocopter and the Lone Wolf are reduce to wrecks, it's all on you Max!

    Humungus used his Nitro ammo to make a collision with the truck... Bad idea for him! 

    The Tanker Truck fnally wiped out after many attacks of the Marauders!
    Afterwords :
    That was an unforgettable experience, due to the favourable context developed around the event. Painted models, gaming table, easy rules and viewing the movie. All my gaming partners and me (the first) loved every moments of the “Road Warrior night event”. We pushed the wargaming experience over ours classic limits.
    I planned to organised a "Road Warrior tour" to share the game with other friends. Maybe in you local wargaming club soon!
    Some others “Wargaming night events” will be organised in my club for sure this year. Plenty of movies themes can be raised : Alien, Star wars, LotR, Starship Trooper, etc…



    jeudi 13 décembre 2018

    The Road Warrior : Mad Max 2

    Since many years, I wished to wargaming “the Road Warrior”, the best episode of the Mad Max Trilogy imo … So, the Gaslands Osprey rule is arrived in October in my wargaming club and everything happened so fast at that point. I will write up two articles about this project : First article dedicated to the movie and my modelling works on the vehicles. Second article concerning How to wargaming the final chase with the tanker, the scenario, the gaming board and the battle report. 
    Opening chase of the movie, when Max meet Wez!

    Why The Road Warrior movie is so great!?
    Filled with gripping, high-speed car chases and positively medieval weaponry, this movie forever changed post-apocalyptic films with its brutal vision of a sadistic and hopeless future. Like the custom 70’s muscles cars showed in this movie… the gritty, sadomasochistic “scrapyard leather chic” feel of the film was revolutionary at the time and has influenced almost every post-apocalypse film since.
    This second opus is at odds with the last episode. In Mad Max (1), amongst the highway chaos, we still got glimpses of ordinary people going about their ordinary lives. In Mad Max 2, the world has really ended. The time line advanced and the film show the world after the Third World War. A decadent world where the rules and the society disappeared.
    Max is the archetypal loner who wandering the wasteland, haunted by his tragic past and unable to see any possible future. He lives in the moment, his only concerns minute to minute survival and the search for supplies of gasoline to keep his ex-police Interceptor running. 

    The Lord Humungus rules the Wasteland!

    Modelling and painting the Road Warrior cars

    I converted some Hotwheels cars to obtain vehicles closely as possible to the movie cars. I accentuate the custom engine style to add a touch of Gaslands spirit.  I used mostly 40K bits, plasticard and green stuff. I was very absorbed during the custom process and I admit ended some modelling sessions at 02:00 am… Captivated by this modelling work, probably the most enjoyable hobby experience I lived since few years.
    Bikes come from the Citadel Dark future range. For the Gyrocopter, I converted a Trike from the Ramshackleminiatures range . On this website you can find many bits to convert your cars, particulary for the crewmen.
    The painting process start by the classic layering method and finish by the very important weathering effects. I Rusted, scratched and dusted the cars with pigments, glacis and blister foam stamp.
    1970-Ford-F-100 :

    Kawasaki F5 Z1000 & Yamaha XS 1100
    Humungus-truck Ford-F-100-Chassis
    The Gyrocopter
    Mack Truck -R600 - Series

    Seven Sisters Petroleum is the main oil supplier in the Mad Max movies, it was based off the real life group of oil companies that existed to the 1940s to the 1970s which comprised of BP, Gulf Oil, Chevron, Texaco, Shell, Exxon and Mobil.
    The war in the Middle East between Saudi Arabia and Iran left the oil fields ablaze which started the economical collapse due to lack of oil across the globe. 7 Sisters Petroleum was not able to fulfill their contracts with governments which cause major oil shortages and escalation of chaos and violence among the population across the world.

    The Truck back to the compound!
    Work in progress