• dimanche 28 février 2021

    World Eaters : Terminator squad

    Hey! Something heavy today, a full squadron of dreaded Traitor Terminators. Those veterans are the purest form of Khornate sophistication. Their arriving on the battlefield is synonymous of a great tribute to the Blood God. Relentless, they harvest in opponents ranks tons of Skulls for their God.

    Therminator Marines wandered through the warp alongside their Space Marines brethren. theu continu to fight in ancient terminator units which date from the time of the Heresy, and when they die their armour is often takeover by Champions.

    At the beguining of the WE project, I sweared that it's no question to paint a unit of 8 terminators and then, as usual, I did the opposite :) The bigger drawback with them is they are quite few model in the range. So, I remove the standard Chaos Helmets and swapped them by different Greenstuff own works. Based on GS copy of BloodBowl Chaos players and Epic Warhounds head. Also, I corrupted loyal Marines arms to increase the possible equipement options despite the short range available.

    vendredi 26 février 2021

    World Eaters : Attack Bike

    Hello! As much I remember, I never seen any sidecar IRL. The concept of sitting next to the motobike driver is quite strange for me but ok it's fine :) 

    This vehicule is rather unusual for a renegade legion, It's a loot and it became a key element of the Chapter recon platoon. 

    I swapped the loyalist rider by a beaut renegade and I flanked him with a spotter from the Rhino Marines serie. The Chaos back packs they wear give them a bulky look and seems nastier.

    lundi 1 février 2021

    World Eaters : Assault troops

    Hey guys! Third post in one week amazing :) I'm rather proud of those chaps cause I spent a couple of evenings to convert them and I'm quite satisfied of the result. 

    This shock squad wasn't foreseen at the beguining of the project but it was a fine occasion to recycle some old models from my shame box. Most of them are far from the generic WE legionnaire and require a bit of modeling work to fit as assault troops.  Main modifications are based on additionnal Close combat weapons, tiles mutations and by increasing the scifi style especialy for the WHFB Champions. 

    vendredi 29 janvier 2021

    World Eaters : Cannon Fodder

    Oi! Time to highlight lesser troops of the legion. Those damned are pressed into service as cannon fodder by the World Eaters and are driven into enemy positions where their ferocity (and their explosive collar that each wear) can be put to good effect.

    Ok, I re used some models I already painted for Whfb a couple of years ago, I hope you forgive me this vileness but I love those models and they fit so nicely with the legion. I can't resist to rebase them :) Added some green stuff to increase the Khornish style.

    lundi 25 janvier 2021

    World Eaters : Chaos Squats

    Hello every one! First post of the year and still involve in my World Eaters project, today some new Tech support troops. Yep, I consider those Chaos Squats as engineering support to the legion. So, they develop new War Machine but could be used as wealthy Techmarine as well.

    The mercenary RT Squat is in chage to pilot the mechanized Tarantula freshly release from the Dark Forges. Both models are visually linked by the double antennas, simple and efficient.

    This Mechanized tarantula was made-out with tracks from the range of Hitech miniatures (again), green stuff sculpts, RT spare parts and small parts from my DIY box.

    lundi 21 décembre 2020

    World Eaters : Daemon Prince

    After many years of labour for Khorne, the long awaited moment is arrived for my champion. Indeed, all those years spent to collect skulls for his patron were rewarded by a large amount of gifts and attributes. But the thirst of glory of a Champion can only be satisfy by reaching the Daemonic Prince status. The judgement day is arrived and the fate of my Champion was to succeded in front of the Eye of Gods. I suppose it's a good way to end up the year! 

    I paid attention to reward the Champion by more than 6 gifts : Daemonic (use) Name : Skaladrax the Blight Pus Oozing , Weapons hands, Bloodthirster face, Collar of Khorne, Technology, Chaos armor, Frenzy and some Chaos Attributes as well as Mechanoid Tracks legs and Fangs. The body of the Champion grows taller and more imposing.

    Regarding the modelling aspect, you probably recognise parts from The Epic size Khorne Lord of Battle, Blood Thirster head, tracks from the Imperial Rappier Kit, bDaemonic back pack from classic Citadel range and resine parts from Hitech miniature (Machines). 

    Also, I added some green stuff details and above all, the bin of skulls. This element of the Daemon Prince poped up during the process of modelling. I came across this skulls 25mm base when I started to sorting my bits box, at the finish the result is a bin of skulls. The other function of the bin is to balance the general aspect of the model and give a suitable visual counter-weight at the opposite of the front scythes.

    dimanche 29 novembre 2020

    World Eaters : Dreadnought

    Hey! New heavy support for Khorne legionaires. I was rather inspired during the assembly process enough to reach a "new" kind of Chaos Dreadnought. Labelled as Bio-Mecanic-Daemon variant, blessed by the Dog Face God.

    The main evolution come from thoses 4 legs dig-out from the HITECH range. I discovered those products at the last Crisis show Antwerpen and since this moment, I associated in my mind those legs to the Chaos Dread body. One year later, it's time to build this Chaos machine! In the same manner, I bought the tracks-vehiculs for some new Khorne minions, in-coming!

    Additionnaly, I  reinforced the stature of the Dread by a whole pipes network connected to a back barrel.  Both of those elements bring an heavy shape to the suit. To finish, I filled some gaps with a couple of Tech-stuff. Hanging-out chains fill the gap below the body as well

    mercredi 11 novembre 2020

    World Eaters : Landspeeder

     Hey! Today an antigrav support for my growing army of khorne Legionnaires. Trust me, this metal kit is a mess to assemble. Some locating are forseen on the chassis to host the seats and the engines but it's quite difficult to maintain all the parts together and more then ever, is it especialy relevant to enforce this assembling with several drilling and metal wire.

    Ok , let's set aside those boring hobby details and let's focus on main topic of the day, why a Landspeeder in Chaos army? Cause it's a hell of old school model for sure :) This antigrav give a singular look to my legion and I love it! 

    I applied the classic World Eaters colors scheme and it work fairly well on those loyals fellas. Few parts in yellow to highlight the "tech" aspect of Landspeed. I also marked the side of the engines by the legion icon , it looks good :)

    lundi 9 novembre 2020

    World Eaters : Characters

    Hey! No rest for the followers of the Dog Face God, especialy for the his toy soldiers painters :) 

    Today, I show you the first part of the of army Characters, more dedicated to the specialist than the commanders. Those specialists come from the Slaves to Darkness World Eaters army list, rather inspired by the loyal Legions. 

    Specialists are missing from the RT Renegades range and to solve this villainy I corrupted some models of RT loyal range. No excantric greenstuff work, I simply swapped their backpack by the Chaos version. And a Skull rune to finish the work!

    Only exception concern the Chaplain who's built with Chaos classic parts. A Renegade rider look better on one of those helluva Chaos horse. Still a pleasure to work on them. I added some gifts to the mount to bring him a badass look

    Techmarine : 
    In the legion, they are among the favored of Khorne, as they have the specialist knowledge that allows them to use te heaviest of death-dealing devices. It is the number of Techmarine within a detachment that determines the amount of support equipment, the numbers of vehicules and Slaves Squads.

    Medic :
    Worl Eaters Medics have only one function, the recovery of gene-seed from fallen Legionaires. Their other medical training are almost non-existent, and they are expected to take as many lives as any other member of the Legion.

    Chaplain :
    Distinguished by their utter ferocity in the battle, Chaplain move among the Legionnaires inspiring further devotion to Khorne. Their act of insane bravery in spilling blood and their habit of slaying the tardy in the legion's ranks give a new mettle to any squads to which they are attached.

    Next step... Antigrav support :)

    jeudi 15 octobre 2020

    World Eaters : Heavy Weapons

    Hey! New fellas added to my growing Chaos Renegade army. Those gentlemen are supposed to support their brothers and bring them some long range heavy fire power. 

    They are the last troops of the horde and my next posts will be dedicated to characters : Commander, Champions, Chaplain, Medic, Techmarine and mecanical support.

    But back to those Heavy weapons Renegades! I painted them in the same vein of the my others World Eaters : Red, Black, Bone and Bronze. Easy peasy over-heated cannon effect. Paint your weapon cannon in Bolt gun metal and apply a strip of Sepia shade around the tube, continu with flesh shade, again with purple shade and you finish with a blue shade. Highlight the orifices with diluted Bolt gun metal might be a good idea :)