vendredi 19 août 2016

Blood Bowl : Human Team

New Blood Bowl season is coming! It’s time to select and paint a new team. Human seems to be a good team for an eternal rooky coach like me. They‘re pretty cheap, generously versatile and can easily adapt their style against bash or fast teams. Another reason to choose Humans is the excellent miniature range from the Blood Bowl 2nd Edition sculpted by Mark Copplestone. Kickers and Blockers are useless in 6th edition but some coach use kicker as Linemen and blocker as Blitzer (personally, I find them too bulky).

Color scheme: Yep! The Bright Crusaders colors. Do you remember? This emblematic colors scheme was largely illustrated in the 2nd edition. I remember the crusader Linemen on the Blood bowl packs… So good memories.

In fact, it’s an uncommon color scheme, Blue & White strips probably afraid lot of painters but I can’t resist to paint them, it look like Landsknecht Blood Bowl team. Another difficulty in this scheme is the amount of Yellow color. You certainly understand (…) the undescriptive pleasure of painting yellow layers on black undercoat (ironic of course).

Converted things:  First, I deleted every spikes on the shoulders (I hate to paint them). Secondly, I sculpted cross/skull on every players. Thirdly, I added some bar/grill on the helmets to personalize the players. Fourthly, I converted a kicker in Chain saw Star player.  And to finish, I built Reroll and Stunned/Prone markers.

lundi 18 juillet 2016

AGMAT France

Hi, no painted miniatures today... No, today I share with you all my archives about AGMAT France! This small French company was the french connexion of Games Workshop during the 80's and was in charge to translate English products of GW to the French gamers. In the early 90's this company became GW France. AGMAT worked on Hordes Sauvages rules (Ravening Hordes), Le Herault Citadel magazine(Citadel Journal) and Chaos fanzine (Black and White short magazine). In France during 80's, the only way to find some news about Citadel miniatures and Games Worshop was to buy French Role Playing Games magazines... Until AGMAT France was born . The AGMAT touch was they added their own painted miniatures to their translation, of course, the skills of the French painters studio was far from their partners of Nothingham studio but these pics converted a lot of young gamers to the fantasy wargaming during this period, me the first!

The WHFB 2nd ed was tranlated in 1986, Hordes Sauvages (Ravening Hordes) was translated in 1988. The difference with the English edition, is that you can find some new rules to play like the 3rd ed (Yep! the 3rd ed was never translated). French gamers played to warhammer with this wargame system until 1992.
Miniatures are painted by the AGMAT studio. The Fortress is awesome dont you think? Click on the pics and download them for better resolution.

Le Herault Citadel, six issues since April 1986 to November 1988. It was an irregular magazine equivalant to the Citadel Journal. You can find the Citadel Catalogues and a lot of articles about miniatures painting, WHFB scenarios, RpG scenarios (WH, AD&D, Stormbringer...), Additionnals rules for Talisman, Space Hulk, Adeptus Titanicus. , some articles about new races like Skaven, Fimir, ... And some colored pages with miniatures painted by the French studio. Download all the issues here, good reading!

dimanche 26 juin 2016

SAGA : Viking Longship and fatigue tokens

Return on my Viking's Warband, I missed the famous "Viking longship" To complete my collection. I found what I am looking for to Revell which proposes an effective and cheap boat (25 €). The assembly and the paint are rather simple, a pleasant surprise waits for you in the box, it contains glue and paints.
The kit proposes too many shields to my taste,  in account 64 rooms for 32 oars … I finally used the rest of my Foundry shields… they are more detailed. I put only 8 because I consider that the occupants of the boat have just landed, same think for the sail that I chose to fold up before the landing. I believe that the most complicated with this model was ropes … A lot of patience to assemble them.

To finish, I bought some Norman Crusaders casualty from Perry Miniatures range. With a beard and long hair in green stuff, they make of perfect Viking Fatigue tokens.
Go to Lindisfarne or Zapotec?

lundi 13 juin 2016

Chaos Beastmaster and Hounds

Rather useful unit, perfect to hunt alone character or unprotected war machines. Add 1D6-4 of Chaotic  attributes to the warhounds and this unit can be a thorn in the flesh of your opponent.
Of course you recognized The beastmaster MM93 from Marauder range and the Citadel "small" Chimera.

dimanche 29 mai 2016

Chaos Dwarf Ally Contingent

Hi, I recently repainted some models of my collection to align a Chaos Dwarf army during the Oldhammer day France 2016. Usually, they are accessible only as Chaotic allied but for this time, I transformed this contingent into an army of 2000pts (Battle report here).
During this battle, War machines generated numerous victims in Sea elves rank. Don’t pay attention on the bases of portable machines, it’s just for pics and my display case … Indeed, it’s essential to hide the portable machines in the units of infantry, exactly as an independent character. In this way, they remain protected from the shootings.

I realized some Green Stuff works as the embellishment of the war banners or the Chaos Dwarfs Berserk chained on the ground or the addition of pustules to Ass Cannon. For the latter, I also sculptured two mantlets to accentuate its status of " Siege Cannon".
Finally, I realized a resculpt of a Dwarf from the ViaLudibunda range. Are you feel the Chaos Dwarf Marauder style? This is my new Contingent Leader! Thanks to Bruno to be kind enough to mold and produce this model for our Oldhammer Day France 2016. Awesome job Bruno, thank you!