• lundi 4 novembre 2019

    O&G Army - Part Two - Shields!

    Hi ! today I focus on an important chapter of my O&G army, the shields! I was very inspired by the old White Dwarf and all these nice articles about shields. I remember how Fraser Gray half-sculpted funny colourful faces shields seemed to be impossible to modelling for me during the late 80’s.

    Thirty years later, I found the mojo to modelling my own shields for my O&G. I used one of my favourite technic, the pressed greenstuff mould. This technic is pretty easy to learn and apply, the most difficult things here is to find nice models to duplicate. Luckily, the Goblin Master sculpted plethora of nice faced shields during his carrier.  


    How to make your own shields?
    First step : Make the mould. Position the model on a flat surface, coat it with a lubricant (cooking oil, saliva, etc…) and press on the original model a generous ball of Greenstuff. Let it dry at less 8 hours, demould the two parts
    Second step : Duplicate the original model. It’s very easy, you just have to lubricant the mould and press a ball of Greenstuff in the mould. Let dry 8 hours and demould.
    Third step : Apply the duplicate parts on your own shields. I used the classics Citadel plastics shields, I filled the gaps between the duplicate part and the plastic shield with thin weld bead of Greenstuff. I added some details like : Pustules, piercing, chains and decorative plates.
    60 Shields!
    Original Shields from the Warmonger Minialtures range

    Original models fron the Citadel Miniatures range
    A part of my personnal collection of greenstuff moulds
    The pressed Greenstuff moulding process

    samedi 19 octobre 2019

    O&G Army - Part one - Da Boyz!

    Hi folks !! I hope you pardon me for the lack of blog updating… So the greens skins army grow-up quickly and the project is on a good way. I painted approximatively 230 models in 8 weeks, added to 60 chaps previously painted for other projects … I totalize a horde of around 300 miniatures. 
    For the moment, the army look like a classic Green skins Horde with Green/Brown/Grey mute colors but I will apply my special recipe based principally on homemade colourful shields and banners. Everything enrobed in the Chaos Marauder cards game sauce.

    Army background !

    It is the year 5513 (Dwarf Date) in the Old World. A massive Dwarf army from Caraz-a-Carak has destroyed dozens of Goblin bases in a heroic raid on the Mad Dog Pass. In response to this outrage, a massive Orc army has been assembled and it is now journeying north, towards the pass, from the southernmost parts of the World's Edge Mountains.
    The plan is to put the Dwarfs firmly back into their stunted place!

    However, approximately every 50 miles of walking is punctuated by some part of the bored army breaking into a fight. As this is an expected manifestation of Orc psychology, the Chaos leaders of the force allow these minor skirmishes to go on, as long as they do not seriously affect the strength of the army as a whole.
    Every tribes want it gets to fly its banner above all the other tribal flags (a position of great prestige)...at least until the next fight.

    Something screw up!

    Oi you...pig face! Wot you doin' wiv tha' fing?' snarled Thogg the Orc warrior.
    'I's stickin' me tribal standard up top so tha'we can all see it.' replied the aged Vandaal.

    ‘Who sez we all want ta see it in da first place,dung-feature?' Thogg grunted.
    Whilst still continuing to erect the crimson tribal pennant, the crusty old Orc replied, 'Da Clan Festerdoom is da most Orcs 'ere.'

    Tribal affinities often cut across regimental allegiance and indeed, as Vandaal said, many of the troops in the great army heading north, were connected to the Clan Festerdoom. 'Oh, an' 'ave you been countin' then?' 'Well...' Like most goblinoids, Vandaal had trouble counting up to any number which a part of his anatomy could not represent. Thogg continued; 'We Black Eyes outnumber you a zillion to one. Our flag'll be da one ta go up.' 'Over my mangy corpse.' 'Dat's easily dun.' 'Aggggggggghhhh!'

    Thogg wiped his jagged blade clean and began to design a makeshift banner for the Orcs of the Black Eye... over Vandaal's dead body. Within seconds the word spread throughout that entire section of the vast encamped army: 'Festerdooms is bein' insulted.' 'Vandaal's 'ad 'is bruggs cut off*.' 'It's a bloomin'

    Black Eye invasion.' 'Dems Festerbreaths 'ave declared war.'

    (Translator's note: Bruggs are a valued part of Orcish anatomy)

    mardi 10 septembre 2019

    O&G army!

    Hello ! After the rush of BOYL 2019, I made a “hobby break” of several weeks … Now I’m back and I have a new project to achieved!

    As the mythic Citadel Chaos range from the 80’s, the Orc & Gob range is pretty rich and purpose a large variety of models. Mostly sculpted by KA, this is a great classic for every Old School lead collectors. Do you remember the large battle scenes pictured in the White Dwarf magazine and reused in the WHFB 4th ed rulebook? I think these pictures are not innocent in my affection for the Green Skinz.

    So, one more O&G army you’re going to say! Yes but I will apply on it an old and very good theme! If I tell you : Grivziz Dirtball’s, Sparrznatt's Suicide Squad, Claws of Malal, Dagrom Failbreath … You answer what? Chaos Marauder! Of course!

    I’m a big fan of this cards game for a very long time. I particularly appreciate the way that the game illustrate the relations between the evil races of the Warhammer world. Very inherent to the three first editions of WHFB.   It’s an enjoyable melting pot of bad guyz gathered around their Chaotic alignment! Orcish troops allied to Beastmen herds or Ratmen units. Sometimes leaded by High ranked Chaos Champion. An Orc Hero with his helmet marked by the Chaos star Is quit “normal”.  The game is sumptuously illustrated by John Blanche and the back ground make honnor to the GW studio from the 80’s.
    I finish to collect my O&G army since 2011 but I never painted it. Probably afraid by the task and all the efforts implied by the project. To achieve this army, I decide to apply the same receipts than I had to used for my Skaven army.  Fast painting for troops to save times and focus on the shields and the banners. I already painted a large part of the army and planned to finish it around the middle of October. I don’t know how I will organized the up datting of the blog around this project but I will try to post picture soon.

    mardi 6 août 2019

    Space Hulk : BOYL2019 !

    Hi !! Back home after a large week end at Newark. As usual, visiting Foundry miniature is a very good blast from the past and is a great source of inspiration for my next projects. This event is a great moment to re discovered all these Old Citadel painted models in the display cases scaterred in the shop. This is also the occasion to discuss with the super starts of the golden era of Citadel : Bryan Ansell, Rick Priesley, Nigel Stillman, John Blanche, Tony Ackland and  Trish Carden.

    But to be honest, the most important thing for me during this event was to meet, chat and play with many many nice Boyz'n Girl(z) previously met on the web during the last years. Lot of good gaming moments and friendly times. Thank you all for this rain of kind comments about my works, thank you very much!

    So, I purposed several missions during all the week end (8 games) and the Nexus campaign was the principal theme of the saturday.

    Nexus campaign : First Mission - The Cryogenic Area
    I played this game against a very Nice Guy named Paul Ede, He is a very good SH player and leaded perfectly his Marines to the Victory. This mission is very offencive for the Marive. His objective is to seal the only one entries of the genestealers. Four marines survived to the mission and joined the effectif of the last mission. Bravo Paul !!
    In game pictures

    Paul and me

    Nexus Campaign : Second Mission - Docking Bay
    The Marines team was composed with Tammy, Paul and Pat. This is a very defencive mission for the Marines. They must defend the Control Panel of the Space Ship doors against my horde of Stealers and Beastmen leaded by my Champion of Slaanesh Vasilesnev Barchus. Three Marines survived to the mission and the Panel wasn't reached by the Stealers. Very good game with this band of friends very nicely advised by what it seem the veteran of the group, I named Paul !
    Jon, Pat, Tammy, me and Paul

    Nexus Campaign : Last Mission - The Patriarch
    This is the best gaming moment of the week end for me! I had the pleasure to play against a very cool guy named Steve. This mission involve for the Marine player to use 3 Grey Knights, 1 Librarian, 1 Inquisitor and all the surviving Marines of the previous missions. Very powerful you said!? Yes I agree but the last mission take place in the heart of the Space Hulk, domain of the Patriarch and place where commonly summoned several daemons of Slaanesh!
    Steeve brillantly leaded his troop across the Space Hulk and resisted to all the horrible things hidden in the corridors the ruined vessel. The entry of the lair of the Patriarch was defended by The freshly summoned Slaanesh Daemon Zingeth SilentShade Keeper of Secrets .
    The inquisitor gathering his last psy points in a devastating Blast attack who sent back the Greater Daemon into the Realm of Chaos. After this epic moment and exhausting effort, the inquisitor succombed to a sneaky ranged attack of an hybrid. The Ordo Malleus Lost precious troops in this mission and the campaign was lost by the Marines but honestly ... That was a great gaming moment  to see how a Inquisitor can banish a Greater Daemon. Thank you steeve!
    An Epic moment! An Inquisitor faced a Keeper of Secrets. Me and the Brillant Steeve

    Side mission : Delaying action
    In parallel of the Nexus Campaign, I booked some other missions, like This one. The objective of the mission is very simple (of course) for the Marines player. they must cross the map to reach the exit point. But some bulkheads are on the way... And some stealers...
    I played this missions three times during the week end and as you can see on the map, Steeve and James was the team who pushed farthest  their Marines!
    First plan : Chris and Jon as Stealers. Second Plan : Shane and Thomas as Marines
    (Left ) Shane Marines (Right) Thomas Marines

    In game pictures

    Jon painted a superb unit of Marines for the event but no time to play with them!! Shame on us!

    Harry and Garth quite giddy during the reading of the mission... But quitly disapointed by difficulty of playing it!!
    Side mission : Corruption's Heart
    This is the first time I played this mission, the scenario come from a White Dwarf from 2018 and contain some new rules to play the Hybrids in Space Hulk. I use these rules because they are better for the game play then the older from the Genestealer ext.. As you can see, the protagonists are slightly Orkoids : Hybrids Orks vs Nobz Orks in Heavy Armours! The Nobz Failed the mission.
    Sean, Lopez, me and Thomas

    In game pictures

    Cracking Nobz of Lopez
    The fantastic Hyborks of Sean

    Final picture
    The whole Gang