• samedi 10 février 2024

    Slaves to Darkness : Khorne Demonic Legion

    The Bloodthirsters are the most favored servants of Khorne, and the greatest of his Chaos Champîons may aspire to joining their ranks. They exist purely for combat and combat alone. Their bloodlust extends far beyond mortal comprehension, and they will attack everything within their reach with terrific ferocity. They do not know fear, other then of Khorne, and act regardless of the cost or consequences, although the usual consequences are death for whoever or whatever they face. Their immense pride in theur fighting abilities rarely permits them to call upon allies or servants, and they usually rely only upon thei own strength and skill.

    The Bloodthirsters stand taller than a man, and are humanoid, with rangy , muscular build, faces like horned dogs, bestial legs ending an claw-studded hooves and large, togh membranous wings. Their hides are coverd with gore-flecked crimson fur, their wings are mottled black and crimson, their eyes are milky white without visible iris or pupil and their horns and claws have the apearence of blackened iron. Their Chaos Armour is coloured in keeping with Khorne's own hues of black, and red. The Bloodthirsters wield great axes, often in conjunction with whip. (Slaves to Darkness book)

    This model is sculpted by Drew Day Williams from Satyr Studio. The best one inspired by Tony Ackland artwork. But the model below isn't the original model selled by him, it's an enlarged version (143%) in resin, now 60mm from base to the eyes. 

    dimanche 21 janvier 2024

    Slaves to Darkness : Khorne Demonic Legion

    Another buy guy join the Legion ranks! This one is the combination of a DS3 Horned Dragon and a Khorne champion resized at 175%. I added some green stuff to mix up both pieces 'et voilà'. 3d printing open creativity and support my work and I love it!

    Though they have lived for an age, Dragon Ogres spend most of their years slumbering under the mountains, and it is only when terrible storms assail the crests of the mortal world that they stir and come to life. As lightning spears out of the skies, the Dragon Ogres scale mountain and glacier. They do this in order to bathe in lightning, rejoicing in the raw forces of nature, for it is the storm that invigorates them and fills them with deadly energy for their coming battles.

    Khorne at war!

    vendredi 5 janvier 2024

    Slaves to Darknes : Khorne Demonic Legion

    Hey readers ! 2023 finished with a sad new. As lot of WHFB Oldschool fans already know, Bryan Ansell one of the chief architects of Warhammer franchise who helped to turn Games Workshop into a Juggernaut. Has died, he was 68. Realm of Chaos books were considered as Bryan’s minions, so my current work make me feel as an humble contributor of his memory. Be a creative hobbyist and a passionate painter of Chaos models is my best way to celebrate his huge legacy.

    In this new post, I focused on Elite troops and Characters. I mixed Minotaurs bodies with bloothirster heads, this simple combo represent Khornate minotaurs aspiring to reach Greater Demon legion rank. The Chaos portal is another combo between an old Scotia Grendel model and 3d print Khorne icon I redesigned. The Keeper of the gate is a small conversion of Epic Angron Primark. To finish, the Characters come from the Behemoth Pantheon of Chaos page (link), pretty cheaper for those metal chunks! I slightly extended the K’Thul’s wings. Next post, a tremendous Khornate Dragon Ogre.

    Ancestral Recall!
    I met once Bryan during the first Oldhammer Day in 2013 at Nottingham. He came from nowhere and  join the gaming table I ran with Paul, we had a gentle chat regarding the creation of the plastic trays for the Bryan's Chaos/Heroes models boxes era. I remember how he spoke in his beard (dans sa barbe, in french), not so easy to understand for a 'non' native but very funny discussion. Huge respect for him!

    mardi 24 octobre 2023

    Slaves to Darknes : Khorne Demonic Legion

    Hey! I was slightly brought by my previous works on the World Eater Legion to have fun to have collect and paint some demons units. So, I found a comfortable interest to starting to build a Demonic Legion dedicated to the Blood God, by adding few models to those already collected few months ago. 

    Based on the Slaves to Darkness army list book, I progressively built a standard size force which integrate mortal Champions and Chaos Creatures units. The short terms expectation is to deal with the dear Laurent's (aka Slaanesh child) and his and fearsome legion of perversion minions, in a mighty Realm of Chaos battle between our opposites Chaos legions. 

    The short model range of Chaos Demon of the 80's Catalog don't let to much choice to who want  to pull out of the game with a characterful horde of models. By chance, an inspired guy from the 80's had the talent to create some beauties which are still relevant to the eyes of many lovers of old lead. Steeve Mussared, does tht ring a bell or not? If not, this gentlemen kicked some ass in several White Dwarf Eavy Metal article with his awesome Khorne army. An invaluable source of inspiration for my own project, converted Khorne hound, bony chariot, on-leach hound, ...

    My own contribution to this endless labor of chaos devotion is a personal adding for banner's bearers and colors variations for demonic troopers. In the next post I'll show you some Big guys from Knighmare miniatures range and also some small conversions 

    4 different skins shades

    Steeve Mussared beauties from White Dwarf

    vendredi 4 août 2023

    World Eaters : Possessed Marines

    Hey everyone! A quick post before leaving home for two weeks of vacations. I hesitated during a long time before working on a Possessed Marines unit. The concept is tricky, cause Marines half possessed by Daemons can easily look like and confused with spawns or highly rewarded Chaos Champion. But I finally accepted the challenge and did my best to carry out this band of 8 chaps. 

    My conception of Khorne Possessed Marines integrate Machines Daemons in addition with 'Standard Daemons', Meaning that the possessed body of the hoster can be progressively transformed into partial mechanical engine with specific technological body parts and / or Daemonic body parts. Khorne's works in mysterious ways!

    I used a big bunch of Khorne Champion from Jes Goodwin 80's serie and I coupled them with different elements from my bits box, those sessions of modeling still be my best moments in the hobby, more then painting I admit. 

    Still 2 Jes Champions to integrate in my World Eaters Legions