• jeudi 24 novembre 2016

    SAGA : Norman Knights WIP

    Quick message to show you my horse herd WIP. I don’t know for you but for me it’s not an easy thing to paint horses, especially when I have a lot of them to realize. Generally for a WHB army, I paint only 10 horsemen. Strangely here, for skirmish game, I must paint 25 horsemen! SAGA ways are sometimes mysterious!

     To be honest, it’s rather long and boing to paint so many horses. But on the other way, It’s the moment to learn and try to paint animals closest to reality. The three horses characteristics I used to paint this  herd are: The Horses colors chart, head marks and leg marks.

    Sorrel, Grey and Dun
    Bay, Black and Buckskin
    The herd
    I work on the knights since 2 weeks and I probably need 2 more weeks to finish the whole unit. Seen you soon!

    dimanche 6 novembre 2016

    Crisis 2016 Antwerpen

    Hi, quick message concerning the wargaming convention  Crisis 2016  organised by the Tin Soldier of Antwerpen (TSA) Belgium. The annual theme is the battle of Hasting 1066 and this year the free miniature is the Queen Matilde.

    HANGAR 29 Waagnatie
    Rijnkaai 150
    2000 Antwerpen

    The 2nd Hall
    Pacific WW2
    Pike and Shot I think

    WW2 Tanks Battle
    20mm Antique

    Pike and Shot 28mm


    Ancients 20mm
    Foundry and Warmonger Miniatures

    Hard to resist to buy something with so much sellers :) I bought the new Campaign supplement for SAGA "L'ascension". This is the french translation of "The Age of Wolf" developped by Gripping Beast. The Studio Tomahawk have translated and improved the campaign systeme. This is a very smart systeme compared to the english book (sorry!), no need map but you can play with and easily usable to other wargames. Great Book!

    I bought some animals miniatures (Magister Militun) and haystacks for my saxon farm. And I found 4 dismounted Norman Knights at the "Bring and Sell". I'm looking for the knight who draw his sword since many time... To finish, a close up of the Queen Matilde (William Conqueror wife) another good thing for my Norman army.

    dimanche 16 octobre 2016

    Saga : Norman Sergeants

    Hi,  The bulk of the Normand army was made of freeman, obliged to serve their liege lord in what was already a feudal systeme of governance. The duchy of Normandy made great use of professional mercenary soldier from France, Flanders, Italy or Spain. They called sergeants. So with the SAGA rules, the Norman abilities are largely oriented to Horsemen and shooting troops.Spearmen Sergeants are useless than the crossbow warriors but it's impossible for me to build a Norman warband without spearmen.

    The first unit of sergeant I painted is lightly armored with the emblematic Norman gambeson. A gambeson (or aketon or padded jack or arming doublet) is a padded defensive jacket, worn as armour separately, or combined with mail or plate armour. Gambesons were produced with a sewing technique called quilting. Usually constructed of linen or wool, the stuffing varied, and could be for example scrap cloth or horse hair.

    The second unit is heavily armored with chain mail and protected by another Norman iconic item: The kite Shield. This shield is a large, almond-shaped shield rounded at the top and curving down to a point at the bottom. The term "kite shield" is a reference to the shield's unique shape, and is derived from its supposed similarity to a flying kite, although "leaf-shaped shield" and "almond shield" have also been used in recent literature. Since the most prominent examples of this shield have appeared on the Bayeux Tapestry, the kite shield has become closely associated with Norman warfare.

    A last word about the Norman Helmet, yep, are they painted or not? In fact I don’t know but it’s better to obtain a color full army. I think, the Knights/Sergeants helmets was probably sometimes painted but I I also believe that a lot of the spangenhelm style helmets were metal frames with layered leather inserts, and that the paintings of those helmets we see reflect that. The Bayeux Tapestry show many painted helmets.
    Deus Vult
    Next step : Norman Knights

    mardi 20 septembre 2016

    SAGA : Norman warband

    Hi, since I’m back with a new gaming project : A Norman warband for game I play more and more in my local club, the great skirmish game SAGA.
    As the Vikings, the Norman faction is rather easy to play. Norman battle board is characterized by many capacities for range weapons and many capacities for cavalry. Bowmen, Crossbowmen and Horsemen were the priority troop choice when I created my warband. But to be exhaustive, I added some Spearmen to obtain a warband more representative and playable to other games like WAB or WFB as early Bretonian small army.

    All that miniatures come from the excellent Ex Citadel range sold on Foundry web site. They’re sculpted by the Perrys brothers in the middle 80’s under F4 Norman Fighters range.
    This first batch is based on the weapon range fighters, composed by 24 levies bowmen and 8 sergeants crossbowmen. Levies come from the lowest classes of the Norman society. These peasants could be called to arms by their local Barons and are generally the poorest equipped warriors in the Norman Warband. I apply on these lower troops some autumnal and neutral colors like Brown, Green and Grey. For the moment, no banners and no shield with bright colors that will be the subject of the next batch : Spearmen sergeants and dismounted Knights.

    Last volley before the clash!