• mercredi 29 août 2012

    'Ere we go !! Epic Armageddon.

    During August, I took my paints and Bruchs on beach to continu my Epic project. A Slasher Gargant and some Badmoonz Battlewagons. Rest only Two Great Gargant....

    6 commentaires:

    1. Lovely stuff as always! I especially like the gargants banner and metallic sheen you managed to get on the beast!

      I've been somewhat inspired by your stuff to try and paint some of my own epic stuff!


      All the best!

    2. Hi... you can take every stuff you want... It's a pleager to inspired you ;)

    3. Man, your stuff is just so..evocative! I am deeply envious of your brush abilities.

    4. Thank you Gareth :)
      No hard technics, dilute your colors and you obtain nice transition.

      Your Undead Army started to be interesting... Keep the rythm.

      Bye Nico.

    5. Stunning artwork! Looking forward to see more.