• jeudi 12 juillet 2012

    The road of Power : Confontation with Chaos Pleasur.

    In this adventure, I am confronted to a beastmen Warband carried by a Shaman of Slaanesh. The first band which reaches 33% of loss must test at the beginning of each turn or leave in rout.

    The Minotaur dismembed 4 Thugs in one round.. My Ogre was KO against Slaangors... Hounds flee... In spite of some daring actions, Darn Warband rout against the magic power of  Slaanesh. The shaman becomes a personal enemy.

    For the next adventure, I have the choice to  fight once again this Slaanesh followers or  attack a Norsc village, pics soon...

    Initial deployment
    The Slaanshie Master and his band
    The rest of the Slaanshie Warband
    The Blacksmith advance with his followers
    Rout of the Beastmen and Centaurs
    Last moment of my Ogre

    2 commentaires:

    1. Hi!

      Lovely pics and an excellent table set up too! It really harks back to the pics from White Dwarf in the 80s!

      Cant wait to see the next report!

      All the best

    2. We played 3 differents scenarios the same day... Other reports coming soon. Thanks for comments. :)