• vendredi 13 juillet 2012

    The road of Power : The Norsc village.

    Call of blood... Darn must slain and burn to erase his last failure. Destruction of human village will be perfect for his redemption. Village is keep by ten guard, the rest  is composed by villagers
    Darn encircle the village and brings closer gently, some berserks succumb quickly and guards fleesThe massacre of the villagers can start. But  a drakar arrives, that gives courage to guards in rout. A long boarding begins and ends with the massacre of Norsc.
    The vistory isn't total because I still lost too much followers in this attack. I gain some victory points and I stealing Drakar. These spoils enable me to buy services of additional thugs.

    The Village

    The battle begin
    The Norsc are ready to defend their territory

    The second part of the battle : The boarding.
    The last Norsc.

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