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    The Vengeance of the Lichemaster (Part seven : Monastery of La Maisontaal)

    Today, I'm going to present you my works on the unique building of this scenario. The monastery of La Maisontaal. This picture comes from the rule book of WHFB 3rd ed.and it’s the only picture of this monastery.
    The most economic and the fastest alternative to realize this monastery, it is to use the card building of the Citadel Newspaper Spring 86. They are easily downloadable on Web, advise, print the set of card board a second time in mode mirror, it’s useful to dress walls inside  the building. I realized this building a few years ago and I find that the result is honorable.

    If you wish something more detailed and if you have enough time, several other alternatives offers to you. You can realize the building yourself as the pic from 3rd ed rules book). Another option, you can buy a building in resin which looks like in the monastery of La Maisontaal.

    I chose this last option which is the most expensive. I had to sell numerous chaps from my lead pile to finance this purchase at Grand Manner. One It was necessary to me to give an aspect in ruin to this building to integrate it into the scenario, I also added a small dependence in ruin to in increase the general aspect of destruction.

    I realized the columns of smoke by dressing a wire with clump. Once the volume was created, it is necessary to wash the set with a mixture of water and PVA glue. The clump is spongy and is going to absorb the mixture of glue. After 24 hours of drying, the set becomes very solid. You can Airbrush it and/or Drybrush it.

    To help Bagrian and his monks to defend the monastery, I painted some survivors of the village of Frugelhofen (ex Citadel from Foundry Miniatures range) accompanied by two characters of the scenario of Terror of the Lichemaster. The brave Gim Grundel and the Beautiful Riolta Snow, a modified  Skarlok archer. For those who don’t know the RpG scenario, this group arrives at the monastery by the river Vaswasser on boats of fortunes. They are the last survivors of Frugelhofen after the attack of the Lichemaster.

    Next step... More troupe for the Lichemaster.

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    1. Great work!

      Recently I started painting oldschool Undead band (more middlehammer than oldhammer though) and started thinking about a building or two just to create better mood in the display cabinet.

      The monastery is something I've been looking for.
      Looking for Citadel newspaper pdf...

    2. That's a good choice Demi, give me you adress mail and I send you the pdf !!


      1. Execellent terrain and miniatures (admire your painting style - especially like this cohesion in colors). Is any chance for this pdf with buildings? :)

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    4. Great stuff Nico. How did you do the "Frugelhofen" lettering on the signpost held by the militia?

      1. Hi Steeve :) Print on white sheet paper. I used Microsoft Excel ... font size 5 or 6.
        Bye Nico

    5. This monastery was a pleasure to play with, and the columns of smoke were great looking (although i'm not a huge fan of this kind of stuff usually). Damned elf indeed.

      ++ Charles

    6. HI Charles !!Yep the columns of Smoke are better with clump than the oldschool colored cotton wool...

    7. Beautiful work all around, very inspiring

    8. Hi 24!! Thank you to comment my messages regulary :)

    9. Hello,
      I discover your blog ... I am impressed !!!
      I like your paintjob !!!

    10. Thank you!! Glad to read somebody who enjoy my work :)

    11. Wonderful realization of the scenario. You've got a Gim Grundel! Loved that figure back in the day.

    12. Gim is really funny model, and he's so easy to paint :) Thank you Von Kurst for your comment!

    13. Hello
      Great Blog loving it !

      A question for you.. i an the maker and Owner of the original monastery shown in WFB edition 3.
      Would you be interested in acquiring it ?

    14. Hi Wayne, thank you I'm glad you enjoy this blog :)
      Concerning the monastery, of course I dream to acquiring this collector Item from the past of the old and respectable GW :)

      Send me an e-mail at manic57@msn.com