• lundi 30 juillet 2012

    The road of Power : Know your Enemy.

    I share with you a pic of minis I painted recently for my Chaos Warband and for my meeting with The French Scrib : Patatovich !! One of my enemy during the campaing.

    Who's that men? An enthusiast collecter, painter, gamer AND writer... He place story and background before the rest of the hobby, like me he loves gameboard heavily decorated, play with big big charts and Obviously with full painted armies.
    With his band they translated in French many old GW books like Slave to Darkness, Waaargh ! The Orks... He travel easily between the two worlds, always in search of texts to translate.

    Visite his websites : Verrah Rubicon (WFB)  Taran (RT)
    Check his extraordinary painted Armies : Patatovich Armies

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    1. sorry for an old question, but what colors do you use on your skaven bases?

      Is it a foundation color?


    2. Hello,
      1° Dry bruch : bestial brown & Codex Grey
      2° Wash : Chaos Black
      3° Dry bruch : bestial brown & Codex Grey
      4° Dry bruch : Bleached bone & Forteress Grey

      Buy, Nico.

    3. Did you use the beastial brown on your skaven bases? Those look more yellow. Thanks again!

    4. was it snakebite leather or one of the yellow foundation paints

    5. Sorry it's mistake of mine... bestial, snakebite, ... for..got name ... , bleached.. I post to night the forgot color but it's not a fondation

    6. Forgot color is Vomit brown.
      Bye Nico.

    7. Darn and his cultits are lost in the Chaos wastes. They fight eternally for the pleasur of chaos Gods!!