• lundi 7 novembre 2011

    Tamurkhan : The Throne of Chaos

    Just to share with you the new Forge World supplement for WHFB, in this smart book you can find a lot of back ground and story about the "Hero" Tamurkhan, illustrations, rules campagne, scenario.
    But the most interesting is the army list. They're open to mix Chaos warriors, beastmen, demons and add chaos dwarfs supports in the same army... Rules exist to representing the animosity between chaos Gods...
    It smell like "Realms of Chaos" spirit.

    9 commentaires:

    1. I'm glad to hear you can field more mixed chaos armies. That is exciting, along with the chaos dwarf list. I really must get to ordering that book...

    2. Chaos dwarfs deserved to have their own list and share the ranks of a chaotic army... This book is a must have for all fans of the old chaos.

    3. I agree that it sounds great and the level of illustration is extreme...but $75 is Waaayyy out of my price range. oh well....

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    5. Yeah, GW has finally priced themselves into the gutter. I wish they had stuck with the feel and army combos of 3rd edition Warhammer Armies.

      Ah, the halcyon days!

    6. Many old chaos players have their own rules to mix beast/Warriors/Demons/Dwarf. This book is more "offical"... Rick Priesley have worked on this book and I think he wanted to recreated a modern version of the old Chaos...
      I find that it is not too bad:)

    7. I really miss the old chaos armies of beasts, warriors and deamons as one. I'm very intrigued to see the army lists.

    8. scan it for the disable poor people