• lundi 8 août 2011

    Holidays works

    I don't remember when I read this White Dwarf for the first time? But I'm sure that like me, every collectors probably fell in love when they saw the awesome article of the Andy Chambers Skaven Army ... A swarming sneaky army of rat-men with dark banners, brownish colors and rusty weapons. This is for me the best definition of the Skaven style. Since this moment, I promised to me to have the same army.

    Four weeks of vacations, perfect to start a new army. I try to end this project in eight weeks (2500pts, between 150 to 200 miniatures). Totally inspired by the Andy Chambers army colors and by the Jes Goodwin Banners sketchs...
    Pics soon.

    Original Army

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    1. Je l'ai feuilleté moi aussi ce dwarf. bon courage pour ce projet...et dire que j'ai revendu mes skavens plombs il y a quelques années.

    2. Mon frère a échangé son énorme collection de figurines il y a quelques années, il ne regrette rien mais moi ça m'a fait mal... Bref...
      Vu comme ça commence, je sent que ce projet va tabasser... J'ai hâte de poster les photos :)

    3. This is a classic issue of White Dwarf. Bonne chance!

    4. Hé hé, je relis ce numéro de White Dwarf avec toujours la même vénération pour cet article consacré aux Skavens.
      Hâte de voir ce que ton armée va donner !

    5. This was my first ever issue of White Dwarf. It made me fall in love with the hobby, and the Confrontation rules kept me busy for a very long time.

      Thanks for the nostalgia.

    6. Hi all, back to 4 weeks of vaccations, nice to read yours answers.... Olds White Dwarfs are my best inspiration.

    7. Fantastic idea. Being a vintage miniature freak myself finding this blog makes me deliriously happy. It's old school heaven. Bravo sir!

      I'll be here a while tonight by the looks of things...

    8. Get a nice moment into my realm. Happy to meat a new vintage collector and a fantastic Fimirs creator. Bye

    9. This was also my first issue of White Dwarf and what a fantastic issue it is. I too drooled over the Skaven article; the method Chambers describes for painting lots of Skaven at once inspired me to tackle painting large armies for the first time. And I happily put together my own version of the townhouse described in the Modeler's Workshop article. Thanks for the memories!

    10. No problem, it's free :) Today I'm starting to paint Skavens banners... Gase into the eye of the warp and despair... Do you remember?? I love.

    11. So strange... I'm just in the middle of doing exactly the same thing (an Andy-C 1980s skaven army), inspired by exactly the same article in that White Dwarf read oh-so many years ago... Fantastic!

    12. If you need advices, contact me. Good Luck.
      Where do you come from?

      1. Hey Nico,
        Greetings from the above poster (^^) and from Oxford, UK! Do you have any advice on your version of these banners that you could share? i.e. the materials you used for them, etc?

    13. Sheet of paper, pen, Citadel paints... Really easy. Be patient I make a tutorial.
      I post that before August. Bye.

    14. (^^) - Thank you/Merci Beaucoup!

    15. Tutorial probably diffused in OldHammer Fanzine.