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    French Old School Wargamers Meeting 2019 : Oldhammer Day 2019 at Metz

     Hi ! Here the report of our annual meeting in my home town Metz. As usual, hosted by my club Blitz57 during a large wargame convention : Les Arènes du Graoully. This year,  15 Gentelmen presented and/or participated  to numerous games systemes like : Mighty Empire, WFB 3rd Ed, Space Hulk, Necromunda, Titan Legion and Gaslands

    Mighty Empire / WFB : Empire in Flams Campaign
    Background. I played this campaign as Game Master (GM) with 6 players. During 2 days we played 9 games. This was the opportunity for me to developed my GM style and show them how I run a campaign. So we, had a lot of good time and the Empire map was the theatre of great battles and great gaming moments. The Defenders of the Empire pushed back the incursion of the Chaos lords Alliance. The borders mountains are now infested by corrupted creature... Until the next season of campaign !

    Initial situation

    In game pictures

    Defenders of the Empire
    Roland : Elf Lord

    Matthieu (Patatovitch) : Empire Lord

    Mika : Dwarf Lord

    Chaos Alliance
    Julien and David : Two headed Orc Lord

    Nikko : Fimir Lord

    Olivier : Chaos Lord

    Situation at the end

    Nico : Happy Game Master

    Space Hulk : Nexus Campaign
    Background It was a great moment for me to play this series of games on my brand new 3D terrain, lot of nice comments and lot of people come to me to chat about the project and said how Space Hulk is a great game. The campaign is unfinished and continu, need more models for a magistral End. The Perseus  havent revealed all his corrupted secrets...

    I applayed Photoshop filter on this picture. Focussed players Filter (^_^)

    Emperor Scythes and UltraMarines Terminators Chapters were requisitioned to clean The Perseus

    In game pictures 

    Necromunda :
    This awesome gaming table is the labor of JB and Adrien. They will developpe the scenario and add more pictures on their Blogs (soon). Some pictures to appreciate the thing., it's marvellous :)

    Less Oldschool than the other games but I added a touch of 80's to the models largely inspired by The Road Warrior : Mad Max 2. More détails here. Gaslands is a real great game because you can play easily with few toys cars, cheap and easy to learn.

    The highway is our Battlefield

    Epic Titan Legion
    As the Necromunda table, more pictures coming sonn on the JB  Blog. One picture to illustrate his battle with Charles. I love the flavor of the 6mm gaming table. 
    Conclusion :
    A great Meeting, the quality of the models/armies/tables/scenarios  is better years after years... I'm looking forward the next meeting. Thank you to all the Gentlemen present during this Oldhammer day ! Cheers :)

    13 commentaires:

    1. Merci encore Nico, c'était d'enfer!

      Dommage qu'on ait pas pu échanger un peu plus avec les valeureux généraux de warhammer, mais ce n'est que partie remise! :)

      1. C'est inévitable, des clans se formes. J'ai réussi à faire du mélange de groupe le samedi fin d'après midi sur la table SH mais après les joueurs sont repartis dans leurs clans. C'est pas bien grave vous vous reverrez l'année prochaine (^_^)

      2. Hey ! Belles photos Nico ah oui ce fut un grand moment bien que David ai essayé d'étrangler de rage le pauvre gob que j'incarnais durant cet épique week-end (à cause de mes pitoyables jets de dé je suppose :) Et j'ai beaucoup aimé la partie de Space Hulk, et celle de Mad Max, et en fait j'ai tout aimé sauf les HURLEMENTS DES JOUEURS DE BLOOD BALL !! Attention les gars sinon on vous mettra du Prozak dans la bierre l'an prochain hi hi ;)

      3. Ils sont bruyant c'est certains mais c'est ça l'ambiance des Arènes :) Moi je suis bien heureux que tu es participé a autant de jeux et que ca t'es plu ! C'est que j'ai réussi mon coup :) A l'année prochaine ;)

    2. Nico the Empire in Flames games look like so much fun. The Nexus Campaign pics have me drooling! The Necromunda, Gaslands and Epic Titan Legion games looked like the rounded out the weekend perfectly.

      1. Thank you Thomas, This is what I call "A great week end" ;)

    3. This certainly looks awesome. Très magnifique!

    4. Wow Nico! That looks like an amazing fun filled weekend. A few things that leap out at my from your post:

      1. Please tell me that the dwarf player was not sitting on a chair in that pic and is indeed that small?

      2. That candid shot of JB in deep concentration during the SH game gives me much joy. I hope he was about to lose :P

      I look forward to picking your brain about the modified ME campaign you ran too. It looked ace!

      Cheers :)

      1. Ha ha ha :) Thank you Mr PAPAFAKIS!!
        The dwarf player is physically near to the Human race describ in the WFB Bestiary :)
        At this point of the evening, JB hesitated to drink more beer or started to drink Red win... BIG question :)

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