• dimanche 7 octobre 2018

    Rogue Trader : Battle at the Farm - Additionnal OrkTroops part 4

    Hi! The last unit for the Drop Legion... I hope it's enough to beat these stupid Space Marines? Impossible for me to build an Ork brigade without  Runtherd and his tiny followers. I slightly converted the Mekboy of the Hop Spalt Field Gun, the whip is sufficient to refer to the Runt
    Herd cast :)
    Concerning the Grots... I'm pretty disapointed by the French postal servive... I'm waiting since 3 weeks for a parcel with 11 RT Gretchins Inside. The parcel is stuck at the Roissy Airport, it smell the custom tax! So, I use WHFB Gobbos for the moment.
    Fortunatly, I keep the Mojo and I find the inspiration to create some new troops... The Fearsome Snot-Stick-Grenades, rules coming soon!
    Next step for the project... The battlefield and the famous ruined farm. I want to take my time, find some inspiration and technics to build a pertinent gaming board. So, I will switch with a new project for the next weeks... Pictures coming soon :)

    6 commentaires:

    1. Que dire ? C'est toujours aussi bien pensé, et le résultat claque. Bravo :)

    2. Gaahh! Such beautiful figures, Nico! I wish my own Ork boys looked so good! I love the idea of snotling stick grenadiers! They sound like fun troops!

      1. Yep!! Snots Grenades are the secret weapon of the Drop Legion :) Thank you Mr Mouse !