• dimanche 26 juin 2016

    SAGA : Viking Longship and fatigue tokens

    Return on my Viking's Warband, I missed the famous "Viking longship" To complete my collection. I found what I am looking for to Revell which proposes an effective and cheap boat (25 €). The assembly and the paint are rather simple, a pleasant surprise waits for you in the box, it contains glue and paints.
    The kit proposes too many shields to my taste,  in account 64 rooms for 32 oars … I finally used the rest of my Foundry shields… they are more detailed. I put only 8 because I consider that the occupants of the boat have just landed, same think for the sail that I chose to fold up before the landing. I believe that the most complicated with this model was ropes … A lot of patience to assemble them.

    To finish, I bought some Norman Crusaders casualty from Perry Miniatures range. With a beard and long hair in green stuff, they make of perfect Viking Fatigue tokens.
    Go to Lindisfarne or Zapotec?

    7 commentaires:

    1. Very nice. You going to do some battle reports with these?

    2. Hi AB26! More pics battle repport than classic battle report. In fact, Saga is a fast wargame and it's difficult to write some think. But Saga isn't my only option :)With Viking warband and longship it's easy to run Kremlo the Slann WHFB scenario, I just need to find a Slann player :)

      1. Either way sounds good to me! Looking forward to seeing them in action. ;)

    3. Oh yeah. That first shot is really great. Lovely stuff.

    4. Thank you Zhu, some friends of mine said that shot have the flavor of the rule book pics... Very encouraging for me :)