• jeudi 27 juin 2013

    Battle Report : Punitive expedition

    Today a Warhammer 3rd edition battle report (2000pts), Patatovich and his Slann against my Chaos horde.

    Presence of the Slann Army of Ocytol'Ocylos and his acolyte wizard Thyashyo Ockci in the Old World is obscure, some people say that they try to find the truth around existance of human race who practice amphibian tortures and horrible rites where they eat frogs legs... If it's barbarian race really exist, they need to be punish !!

    During their travel, the Slann Army crushed everything on it way. They now cross the Chaos lands and the Black Gods don't tolerate this insult. To prove his worship to Chaos, Dasmin Dull the Tormented promise to the Dark Gods the total destruction of the batrachians herd...

    Ocytol'Ocylos Slann Army
    Dasmin Dull the Tormented Chaos Army
    Movements during the 1st and 2nd turn 
    Bull Riders Approach
    Armies advance
    Chaos Dwarfs Allies
    Nice Spawns Warriors unit!! 
    Minotaurs Charge!!
    Only 3 Chaos Marauders Horsemen survive from Slann Wizard Lightning Bolts,
    but they finaly succeded their charge against Warriors Priests and
    the Slann General.
    12 on  Panic test for Minotaurs unit... Rout, Free hack, ect... No one survive.
    Cold One are a real machines of destruction.
    Movements during 3rd and 4th turn
    Classic Venom Tribes trap !! It smell the Run Away...
    A ferocious challenge of lightning Bolts between the two Wizards,
    Where are the Chaos Gods when I need 6 on my dices?...
    Chaos Dwarfs wrap Spawn Warriors
    Lizardmen charge the Beastmen and my General
    Movements during the 5th turn
    This is the final point of long fight!! Only the Slann general is alive, he
    slain my last Marauder. Arghh
    Flank charge!!
    11 on Panic test (Slann Magic Spell)... Rout of the beastmen unit,
    Free Hack, my General is slain...  It smell no good for Chaos Army.
    Final situation, with the death of Chaos general and the destruction
    of my two hammers units, I think it's time to withdraw for the chaos Army

    2000pts with 3rd edition rules, not so traumatic for Patatovich and me :)
    Propositions to ameliorate the game play :
    1° Add bonus to combat resolutions when you attack rear or flank enemie units.
    2° Add the difference between winner/looser combat resolution to  the panic test result of looser.

    Other conclusion, blast magic spell are really powerful but... c'est la vie :)

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    1. What a great battle: A classic Slann vs classic Chaos army. Very much to my liking :)


    2. Beautiful armies and a nice report! Fantastic!

    3. Well. That makes it the first time ever that I've seen Slann in action. Proper slann, that is - not those bloated frogs that follow lizardmen armies around.


      Lovely game.

      Also - very unexpected outcome!

      For services rendered to mankind, I shall buy you a beer when you cross the channel for the Oldhammer thing.

    4. Excellent battle, always good to see Slann in action.

      Love the Chaos army too, really well put together.

    5. Formidable!

      Lovely to see the Slann getting stuck in!

    6. Great report, wonderful seeing such good looking forces battling it out.

    7. Beautiful photos of a great-looking game.

    8. Great game ,the forces are real eye candy

    9. Holy cow this post is nothing but picture perfect hall of fame awesome. Wish White Dwarf in my day had battle reports that could even touch this. If I was pumped to get enough dudes painted for a fully-fledged battle before I'm doubly so now.

    10. Thank you all for comments :)

    11. awesome! my favourites are those great looking chaos dwarves!

    12. Superb armies, write up and everything really! More please........

    13. Moi j'ai juste une question au niveau de la V3:
      - au Cc il faut donc faire 25% de pertes du nombre original de figurines dans l'unité pour faire faire un test de déroute a ledversaire...
      Bon ma question est, vu que l'on ne prend pas en
      Compte la différence du résultat de combat soustrait au test de Ld du perdant, est ce que les combats ne deviennent pas très long?
      Bon si ce sont des gob qui s'affrontent ça va vite mais si ce sont des n'imagine et des Elf...
      Qu'en penses tu?!?
      Merci de ta réponse

    14. Ok, je crois que tu la mis dans tes améliorations du jeu point N2 :)

    15. Salut,

      Partie sympa à voir. Un coup de cœur à l'unité NDC, elle a du style !
      Faut qu'on se refasse une partie en août, du 5 au 7 ou la semaine du 19...

      Que dis tu d'une lutte fratricide entre guerriers du chaos, en poussant sur du 3000+ avec grosses bestioles...


    16. Salut Julien :)
      Cette rencontre est inéluctable... Faut ce caller une date effectivement. Je continue la conversation par mail.

      Ciao Nico.

    17. Faudrait que tu me file ton mail Nico pour qu'on discute si tu veux bien ;)

    18. Great! Nice miniatures :)