• mardi 17 juillet 2012

    The road of Power : Warband progress

    By Ian Miller

    Following the last three adventures, the champions and the band strongly evolved, an updating is imperative!
    The reputation of the Blacksmith of Gods is not usurped, his gods give to him a Metallic body, the Dark Metal and him are one.
    His champions in rewards for theirs acts recive, strange and unknown metals which Darn transforms into Dreadly Chaos helmets .
    The harmful aura of the Champion attract the presence of a mythical monster, a dragon Ogre is now a member of his suite.

    Darn rewards : Metallic body
    Mordar, Thugs champions reward : 2nd Chaos armor (Add 1 to saving throw)
    Guldnot, Orc champion reward : 2nd Chaos armor with fusion (Add 1 to saving throw and T+1)
    Followers reward : Fire breathe
    Deads : 4 thugs, 5 beastmen and 2 hounds.
    Additionnal follower :
    1 Dragon Ogre (Ventouse attribute)
    14 Thugs
    3 Hounds

    Darn Warband summary :

    Darn The Blacksmith of Gods : Chaos warrior Champion, 11 Victory points.
    4 Gifts : Magic Object , Magic Weapon, 2 Chaos Armors (2nd To Followers)
    5 Attributes : Bestial head(Goat), Black skin, Hoofs, Hideous appearance and Metallic body. 
    2 Equipements : Magic Armor, magic Object.

    Mordar : Thugs champions, 11 Victory points.
    1 Gift : Augment carac. S+1 & T+1
    0 Attribute :
    2 Equipements : 2 chaos armors

    Guldnot : Orc champion, 11 Victory points.
    1 Gift : Augment carac, S+1 & T+1
    2 Attributes : Atrophied extremity and limb transference.
    2 Equipements : 2 Chaos armors

    Warband :
    2 Beastmen
    8 Beastmen (2 dominants attributes : Frenzy and One-legged )
    18 Thugs
    5 Chaos hounds (2 dominants attributes : Regenaration and Magic resistance)
    1 Ogre (1 personnal Attibute : Fire breathe)
    1 Dragon Ogre (1 Dominante Attribute : Suction cups )

    8 commentaires:

    1. The Blacksmith's little following is shaping up nicely - great stuff.

      Love the addition of an orc!

    2. Very tasty warband, looks fantastico.

    3. Thanks guys for comments, in this campaign we try to avoid the routine of battles between rival bands... Soon you'll see appear the unknown aggressors of the Norsca Mines...

    4. Beautiful warband, the Dragon Ogre especially - I adore that miniature!

    5. Great stuff. I used to love playing Chaos Warbands. I once rolled up a dragon ogre with wings as my champion... good times.

    6. Thanks all :)
      Yes bovineoverlord, always inciting to roll on personnal attributes charts...
      Andy your blog is really nice, love your Noise Marine.